New Zealand Salmon fishing: Fish in Takaka

Do you have a big craving for fish? Then you need to join is in Takaka and try out Anatoki Salmon fishing in Golden Bay New Zealand

2 hours
NZD32 to 34

Do you have a big craving for fish? Then you need to join is in Takaka and try out Anatoki Salmon fishing in Golden Bay New Zealand.

Most people love Salmon due to its delicious taste and healthy Omega-3 benefits, and when it’s served with citrus fruits, there’s a guarantee that it tastes as good as it looks on the plate. The best thing about Anatoki Salmon fishing is that you get to catch the fish, pay for it and then they cook it for you. What could be more fun than a fishing session with your family or friends? Additionally, the farm is located next to Anatoki Tame Eels, so there are plenty of activities you can engage in after you\’ve eaten your fish.

They don\’t charge any entry fee, and the fishing gear you need is provided free-of-charge since. Check their website for more information.

Price Includes

  • $32.00 per kg of live weight salmon. Average salmon ranges between 1kg - 2kg
  • Fish cleaning included

Price Excludes

  1. Hot smoking
  2. sashimi
  3. vacuum packing

What to expect

Easy accessible for everyone (no entry fee, no experience needed, free use of fishing gear, no licence needed, no age or disability restrictions, free fish cleaning service, don’t need to book, open 364 days a year, hassle-free).

Sustainable tourism Looking after our customers, employees, salmon, community and environment. The stocking density by water volume is low and because there’s an abundance of natural food in the lake and the salmon have plenty of room to zoom around. There is no need for growth hormones or antibiotics. The fish waste is turned into compost and used to grow herbs and lemons for the café.

Location. Located on the banks of the Anatoki River with a year round supply of freshwater and a stunning native backdrop. Takaka is part of the beautiful Golden Bay. Well Known for its golden sandy beaches, national parks, pupu springs, arts & crafts and sunny weather.

Best smoked salmon in New Zealand. Because it’s smoked straight after catching, the texture of the fillets is very light and airy.


New Zealand Salmon fishing: Fish in Takaka: From NZD32 to NZD34 for 2 hours

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NZD32 to NZD34 2 hours
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Save up to NZD2 (max saving per person)


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