Moroccan Surf Fitness Retreat in Taghazout Bay *turned into holiday*

Fitness & Surf Coaching Retreat for ANY Surfer Ready to Take Their Surfing to the Next Level Next Retreat: 14 - 21 APRIL 2024

8 days
€1,400 to 2,000

At Local Surf Maroc, together with Yozi Fitness & Performance, we’ve put together a Surf Fitness Retreat in the seaside village of Tamraght, just outside of Agadir, Morocco. Our goal is to give you the tools to improve your surfing, regardless of what level of surfer you are: if you’re a beginner and want to have more stamina to paddle out to green waves on your own, or an advanced surfer looking to improve your strength for a more consistent cutback. This one of a kind fitness retreat in Taghazout Bay, Morocco is for you.

We can’t promise to make you a professional surfer, however, we can help improve your surfing technique, surfing knowledge and theory, fitness, strength, mobility, and overall confidence in your surfing.

Like everything else we offer at Local Surf Maroc, the aim of our Moroccan Surf Fitness Retreat is progression. Surfers of all levels and abilities are welcome to join. During the week, you’ll be divided according to your surfing ability so you can get the most out of your time with us.

However, if you’re new to surfing we highly recommend that you have some previous surfing experience and knowledge of the fundamentals before taking part by jumping onto our Beginnger Surf Coaching Experience.

If you feel like your surfing isn’t up to scratch and still want to take part in this unique Surf and Fitness Retreat, the option of taking part in our Surf Coaching or Surf Mentoring Surf Experiences prior to signing up is available. It will provide you with the opportunity to solidify your fundamentals and still focus on progression.

Similar to your surfing knowledge, some knowledge about fitness is recommended. Don’t worry about knowing perfect form or being in top shape prior to taking part. By joining our Surf and Fitness Retreat you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge so you can progress with your fitness and improve your surfing.

Overall the Surf and Fitness Retreat will be physically challenging, so being free of injury and illness will allow you to get the most out of this experience. If you’re unsure if this Moroccan Surf & Fitness Retreat is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Price Includes

  • Accommodation at The Surf Riad
  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Transport to and from surf spots
  • Wetsuit rental
  • Surfboard rental: to try different boards but it’s strongly recommended that you bring your own surfboard
  • 6 daily Surf Coaching or Mentoring sessions
  • Photographer for photo/video analysis
  • Photo/video analysis in the evenings
  • 6 daily fitness sessions, focusing on a different aspect of fitness each day
  • Luxury Hammam and massage
  • Beach BBQ
  • Transfers to and from Agadir Airport or Agadir Bus Station

Price Excludes

  1. Transfers from Airports other than Agadir
  2. Beach Towels
  3. Flights
  4. Insurance
  5. Personal mobility aids or equipment

What to expect


Our Moroccan Surf Fitness Retreat is 7 nights and 7 days of surfing and fitness, balanced perfectly with nourishing food and plenty of rest.

So you can focus on your training and surfing, every aspect of your week will be looked after: the food, the transport, and the programming. During your downtime you’ll be able to rest fully without having to worry about the little details, allowing you to feel relaxed like you’re on holiday.

View from the top, Yozi Fitness & Performance rooftop gym in Zgoumi, Taghazout Bay, Morocco.
View from the top: Yozi Fitness & Performance rooftop gym in Taghazout Bay, Morocco.

Depending on conditions, you could find yourself starting your mornings at one of Taghazout Bay’s impressive surf spots, suitable for all levels, or at the Yozi Fitness & Performance’s unique Rooftop Gym learning how to improve your body’s functionality.

Whether it’s Fitness or Surf Coaching, our aim is that you get the most from your experience with us. This is why there are limited spaces available for this retreat: All sessions will be closed to other participants that have not signed up to this unique retreat in Taghazout Bay, Morocco ensuring that you have our full attention for each session.


Famously said by Phil Edwards, “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” We don’t disagree, because we ourselves wouldn’t be surfing if there wasn’t some sort of fun in it. But we also believe that the best surfer out there is the one that’s the most adaptable.

When surfing out in the ocean, no two surf sessions are ever the same. Taghazout Bay and the extended Moroccan coastline boasts Beach, Reef, and Point breaks that provide excellent opportunities for surfers of all levels to expand their ocean knowledge. This knowledge and wisdom can then be applied to any future surf sessions and the progression to confident, independent surfing.

Prior to each paddle out, some time will be dedicated to review what you are working on as you have discussed with your Surf Coach: whether it’s learning about a new break or trying to break a bad habit. We’re firm believers that the more you practice on land the better you’ll be in the water.

During your surf session, your Surf Coach will be there by your side every step of the way. The feedback you’ll receive will be there when you need it.

On this Surf Fitness Retreat a photographer will be on hand to capture videos and photos of your surf sessions. Every night the Surf Coaches will review your footage with you. With video and photo analysis, the ability to watch and review yourself is one of the tools that can have the biggest impact on your progression as a surfer.


At Yozi Fitness and Performance, fitness isn’t a fad and sport performance can’t be faked. Instead, exercise and fitness is a lifestyle intended for the longevity for all of Yozi’s clients. Whether it’s to enjoy day to day life tasks, be pain free, or be able to pursue sporting interests for the rest of your life.

Having been a professional athlete himself, Yozi understands the importance of supplemental training to improve performance and confidence in your chosen sport. Having worked with many surfers in Taghazout Bay over the years, Yozi has come to understand what many surfers struggle with and continues to develop individual training plans for each of his clients.

No two training sessions with Yozi are ever the same, as clients work through mobility, strength, and conditioning specific to their needs. Part of Yozi’s philosophy is that there’s no point in performing an exercise if it isn’t done correctly, so special attention is always paid to form during training sessions. So there will be no big group classes, even during our Moroccan Surf Fitness Retreat.

Every training session will be carefully programmed for each day of the week, focusing on a different aspect of fitness and complimenting the surf sessions of the day. Touching briefly on each aspect of fitness in the context of surfing is aimed at sparking curiosity to learn more about fitness, to inspire a healthy lifestyle, and reach your surfing goals

At the end of the day, we aren’t a boot camp and you’re free to skip a training session as you see fit. After all, you know your body best and rest is a key component to training.


Moroccan Surf Fitness Retreat in Taghazout Bay *turned into holiday*: From €1,400 to €2,000 for 8 days

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€1,400 to €2,000 8 days
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