La Palma Tajogaite Volcano Trekking Tour in Spain

Join our La Palma Tajogaite Volcano trekking tour in Spain to visit the new volcano that emerged in 2021.

4 hours
€55 to 60

Experience a La Palma Tajogaite Volcano trekking tour in Spain.

On September 19, 2021, marked a turning point for the island of La Palma. Tajuya Square became an improvised and privileged viewpoint of the volcanic eruption at Cumbre Vieja. From this famous and well-known location, we can witness how the landscape’s physiognomy changed after 84 days of intense activity.

Next, we will visit an area as close as possible to the lava, and then the Port of Tazacorte, a fishing enclave from where we can see the new lava platforms that have formed on the coast.

A journey through Llano del Jable, guided by experts in this activity, takes us into the new trail created specifically to get close to the Tajogaite volcano’s cone.

With a gentle hiking route lasting approximately 2.5 hours, we’ll see various control and measurement instruments still used to study the ongoing process today. We’ll be amazed to observe how the Canary pine, once again, triumphs over catastrophes and, ultimately, how this natural phenomenon has transformed the Aridane Valley.

Explore, with respect, a unique place that has emerged from the depths of our island: the Tajogaite volcano.

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What to expect

Discover how the force of nature can be as beautiful as it is devastating, simultaneously creating new territories. Overnight, nature decided to permanently alter the terrain's topography, destroying and simultaneously creating new lands that over time, humans have been reclaiming to make them habitable. On this La Palma Tajogaite Volcano trekking tour in Spain we will visit the lava and the footprint it left, witness the new landscapes, and admire the still-smoking volcanic cone, which is alive and breathing, with some time still before it completely extinguishes. Before us lies the youngest territory in the European continent.


La Palma Tajogaite Volcano Trekking Tour in Spain: From €55 to €60 for 4 hours

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€55 to €60 4 hours
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