Full-day hike in Grindelwald and Wengen, Switzerland

Elevate your Switzerland holiday with a full-day hike in Grindelwald and Wengen that offers great views over Lauterbrunnen Valley.

7 hours
CHF110 to 370

Get ready to have an unforgettable experience with this full-day hike in Grindelwald and Wengen, Switzerland!

From Grindelwald, enjoy a 15 minutes ride on the most modern tri-cable car in the world. Start your hike with steep rock faces and glacier, on a wild atmosphere. Hike down to Wengen, not before admiring the Eiger north face, and listening to the climber’s brave stories.

Your guide will take you on an alternative trail, so you can be away from the crowds and enjoy the green meadows, the streams, the cows and the gorgeous views.

Arriving in Wengen you have the opportunity to do a small walk on the main street before taking the cable car up on the mountain. The views over Lauterbrunnen Valley are stunning and the 3 famous mountains will be right in front of your eyes: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

We take one more cable car, this time back to Grindelwald.

This hike can be adapted for Winter.

Price Includes

  • Passionate guide that will meet you at your accommodation
  • Information about the area, fauna and flora

Price Excludes

  1. Transportation – Cable cars, trains or buses (free if you are staying in Grindelwald)

What to expect

Full-day hike in Grindelwald and Wengen, Switzerland, itinerary:

Your guide will take you to the most modern cable car in the world. Enjoy a 15 minutes ride with great views and appreciate the Eiger north face, right next to you.
From the top cable car station, we start hiking, very close from the glacier, where you can appreciate the ice and the majestic mountains Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4107m) and Jungfrau (4158m).

We hike downhill to Kleine Scheidegg, passing the artificial lake Fallboden and also a very small museum showing the ascent routes to mount Eiger. From Kleine Scheidegg we take an alternative and beautiful route to Wengen. We will stop for a break in a very quiet place, beside a stream and surrounded by green meadows.  

Hiking downhill, you can appreciate the beautiful views, with green pastures, streams and, hopefully, some cows. Further away you can see Mürren, a car free village, right on the top of the cliffs from Lauterbrunnen Valley.

 The last part of the trail is in the pine forest, which is great during hot days. Feel the pine fragrance before you arrive in Wengen. Here, we will do a small walk to see the car free village before we go back on the mountain, making our way to Grindelwald. The views over Lauterbrunnen valley are stunning. We will have the opportunity to take the last pictures before we take a 20 minutes cable car back to Grindelwald.

It’s possible to make this hike shorter, taking a train down to Wengen in one of the 2 middle stations.

​Total distance: 11Km (6.8mi)
Estimated hiking time: 4 hours
Duration of the activity (breaks and transports): 7 hours
Elevation at the starting point: Eigergletscher, 2320m; 7611ft.
Elevation at the arrival point: Wengen, 1274m; 4180ft.
Ascents/Descents: 100m/1150m

Recommended equipment: Hiking boots/trail running shoes or others with good grip; comfortable clothes with different layers; sun glasses; sunscreen; snacks and water; hiking poles are useful.

Possibility to rent hiking poles and hiking shoes.

Price: Private tour up to 2 persons, 370CHF; extra person 35CHF.
Private tour for a group of friends or family: 110CHF per person, minimum 4 persons.


Full-day hike in Grindelwald and Wengen, Switzerland: From CHF110 to CHF370 for 7 hours

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