Dolphins & Turtles Multi-Activity Tour in Tenerife, Spain

Kayak and snorkel while observing turtles and dolphins in a non-intrusive way on a multi-activity tour in Tenerife, Spain.

Multi Activity
3 hours
€30 to 38

Join us for an exciting kayaking and snorkeling multi-activity adventure in Tenerife, Spain, and witness dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat with the only eco-certified kayaking company on the island.

Our kayaks do not frighten or disturb these creatures, allowing you to enjoy them up close without disrupting their natural environment. You may be surrounded by pods of up to 30 dolphins that often put on a show by jumping high into the air. Tenerife’s waters are home to five different species of dolphins, including the easily spotted bottlenose dolphins. Other species that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean, such as rough-toothed dolphins, striped dolphins, and common dolphins, can also be found in these waters. A few different species of turtles can also be found in the Canarian waters, and almost every time, we meet green turtles and sometimes loggerhead turtles along the way. While we cannot guarantee sightings of these wild animals, there is a 90% chance that you will encounter them on your trip. As a bonus, we stop for a swim and snorkel break in a bay accessible only by boat, where you may observe even more marine life. You may even spot turtles or bull rays gracefully gliding along the sea bed beneath you.

Please note that it is mandatory to be able to swim in order to participate in this excursion.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Price Includes

  • Kayaks
  • Life vests
  • Snorkel and mask
  • Wet Suits in the winter
  • Guide
  • Photos

Price Excludes

  1. Hotel pick up

What to expect

Dolphins & turtles multi-activity tour in Tenerife, Spain: Itinerary.

Join us on an unforgettable kayaking and snorkelling adventure in Tenerife! Experience the beauty and diversity of the island's marine life as we explore the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

We'll start our journey by paddling along the coast, where we'll have the chance to encounter dolphins, one of the most fascinating creatures of the sea. These intelligent and sociable animals are known to swim alongside kayakers, providing us with an unforgettable experience of being close to nature.

As we continue our journey, we'll make our way to a secluded bay where we'll have the opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles. These ancient creatures are known to thrive in the waters around Tenerife, and we'll have the chance to observe them in their natural habitat.

Throughout our trip, our experienced guides will provide us with information about the local marine life and the best spots to observe them.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Tenerife from a different perspective and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our trip is designed to comply with all local environmental regulations and we take great care to ensure that the wildlife we encounter is respected and protected. We'll provide all the necessary equipment, including kayaks, snorkeling gear, and life jackets, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure and a love for the sea.

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Dolphins & Turtles Multi-Activity Tour in Tenerife, Spain: From €30 to €38 for 3 hours

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€30 to €38 3 hours
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