Dive & Snorkel: Kerama Islands Multi-Activity Tour in Japan

Would you like to casually experience nature? The Kerama Islands multi-activity experience in Japan includes diving & snorkelling.

Multi Activity
7 hours
¥16,500 to 22,000
Dive & Snorkel: Kerama Islands Multi-Activity Tour in Japan

Dive & snorkel on this Kerama Islands multi-activity tour in Japan!

The blue sky stretches out, and the ocean is so vast you can’t even see the horizon! The water is so clear you can see right down to the bottom.
Endless coral and swarms of fish… Be amazed by the sensations and scenery you can’t normally experience!

Original Kerama Experience Diving & Snorkeling & Whale Watching Tour (Sickness Medication Service)
*Every year in January, February and March, you can get a great deal with Kerama Experience Diving + Snorkeling + Whale Watching (starting January 12th)!! (Kerama tours only) (Note) Although there is a high probability of whale watching due to our track record and contact with other operators, please note that you may not be able to see whales depending on the weather and sea conditions. Kerama Experience Diving Tour is being held at a limited time price!! We have planned this tour so that everyone can experience the wonders of Okinawa. Why not take this opportunity to create unforgettable memories?

The sky is blue, and the sea is so blue that you can’t even see the horizon! You’re about to enter the water, and you can’t stop feeling excited and nervous.

Looking at the surface of the water, you can see the fish coming up to your feet with a crystal clear view all the way to the bottom. After practicing the trial diving skills that you were taught on land, you’re ready to go to the sea! At the surface, the fish come up to your face.

Practice the trial diving skills you practiced on land on the surface of the water, and when you get used to it, you dive down. You’re impressed by the endless coral and the fish swarming around it!

There\’s a turtle right in front of you that you requested, and you’re impressed by the scenery and the feeling that you can’t usually experience!

Time passes quickly, and you’re on the boat! On the boat, you can’t stop talking and just talk about what’s underwater with your friends!

In one day, you can enjoy a different kind of Kerama trial diving and Okinawa trip to the great outdoors, where you can snorkel and feed the fish while floating on the surface of the water at three diving points that represent the Kerama Islands.

We provide tours on a request basis. We have a wide variety of menus that you won’t find at other stores, including a turtle guarantee plan, a light cave plan, and a two-dive plan for those who want to dive more.
We guarantee that you will be satisfied.

In recent years, the coral has also recovered, and many fish that were not seen before have appeared. There are sights that can only be seen now.
Please enjoy the fascinating Kerama Islands experience diving that can only be seen now.

*For Kerama Islands tours, we will move to at least 2-3 authentic Kerama diving points in one day, so you can enjoy the Kerama sea in different locations. We guarantee that you will enjoy it!

★ Safe because it is an experience with a small number of people!
★ Just one swimsuit is OK!
★ Underwater commemorative photos and videos will be given as a gift! (Only for those who wish)
★ Of course, towels, transportation, equipment rental, and motion sickness medicine are included, so you can rest assured!

In addition, we offer whale watching services from January to March and shaved ice services in August and September! *We will plan surprise events for your buddies, such as birthdays, anniversary dives, etc. We would like to help you with all kinds of special occasions. Please feel free to contact us.

Price Includes

  • Guide
  • Weight
  • Tank
  • Towel
  • Drink
  • Pick-up and drop-off *Only within Naha city
  • Boat fee
  • Rental equipment
  • Sickness medicine *Please avoid using this service if you have allergies, chronic illnesses, or are prescribed medication by a doctor.
  • Whale watching fees from January 12th to March

Price Excludes

  1. Lunch: 880 yen
  2. GoPro rental:3,000 yen ※With 32G SD card

What to expect

Dive & snorkel Kerama Islands multi-activity tour in Japan: Itinerary.

Hotel pick-up: 7:30-8:00
Departure: 8:00
Point arrival: 10:05-14:30
Return to port: 14:30
Arrival at port: 15:30

*The above times are model schedules. Please note that the time will vary depending on the venue, weather, sea conditions, and number of participants. Also, regarding beach dives, please contact us as the time varies greatly depending on the diving point.

*Lunch (tours other than arrival/3 dive campaign) is made to order. (Shaved ice service available in summer) If there is anything you dislike, please let us know when making a reservation. Dessert will be included. In addition, for menus that do not include lunch, we can prepare them here for ¥880, so please apply.

Measures for hot days
The average temperature in Okinawa is around 32 degrees, and the hot days continue until about October. Especially hot in August! Since it is the summer vacation season, there are many customers with children. I'm worried about sunburn and heat stroke because I'm too absorbed in playing.
We want our customers to enjoy the Kerama Islands in a cooler environment, so we offer shaved ice only in August and September (we will decide whether to hold the event based on the situation). We will service you. They also have a wide selection of syrups, and the shaved ice while watching the Kerama Blue is exquisite.

Measures for cold days
The average winter temperature in Okinawa is around 20 degrees, and the sea water temperature in the Kerama Islands never drops below 22 degrees. Therefore, there are many days when the water temperature is higher than the outside temperature, making it comfortable to be underwater. In addition to that, we wear a 3mm hood vest (good quality) under a 5mm dress, and use a boat coat (free of charge) and a heated cabin and engine heat to keep us on the boat for 25 minutes. I try to keep it around the same temperature.
For lunch, we offer warm Okinawa soba and oden, and we strive to make our customers' stay as comfortable as possible. However, for those who are cold, we also have a secret weapon! Please contact our staff.
Whale watching is also included during this period, so why not enjoy diving comfortably and warmly at a great price?


Dive & Snorkel: Kerama Islands Multi-Activity Tour in Japan: From ¥16,500 to ¥22,000 for 7 hours

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¥16,500 to ¥22,000 7 hours
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