Dive in Croatia: Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience

Looking for a new adventure? Join the Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience & dive in Croatia. Suitable for 10+ years old.

Scuba Diving
1 days
€78 to 100
Dive in Croatia: Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience

Dive in Croatia: Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience

Take a scenic cruise to uninhabited bays along the island of Krk and try scuba diving in Croatia. Untouched nature and crystal clear water invite you to explore the beautiful underwater world below. Try scuba diving, swim, snorkel, tan, or just relax. Cruise along the island’s rocky shoreline, where sometimes dolphins dance or rare White- headed Griffon vultures can be spotted on the breathtaking steep cliffs above.

The Try Scuba diving program is your introduction to the underwater world. This fun, entry-level Crikvenica beginner dive experience gives you the opportunity to try your first dive, with a qualified scuba diving instructor.

The instructor explains the basics of diving and together you do a scuba dive to a maximum depth of 6-8 meters, for a duration of 15 minutes underwater.

Price Includes

  • A guided introductory dive with a highly qualified and experienced diving instructor.
  • Boat trip
  • Use of Scuba / Snorkeling equipment
  • Digital ˝Try Scuba diving˝ tutorial. (Available in 30 languages).
  • Use of change room & storage facility at the dive center

Price Excludes

  1. Lunch - Guests should bring their own food, snacks and drinks on the boat.

What to expect

Dive in Croatia: Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience. Itinerary.

For this Crikvenica beginner dive experience we meet at the dive center at 09h30 in the morning and will return at +/- 14:00 - 17:00 (depending on the number of people and dive location). So you should bring some food and drinks with you.

Upon arrival at the dive center you will be asked to fill in some forms and fitted out with a complete set of scuba diving equipment. The duration of the boat trip to the dive site varies between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the dive site location for the day.

The introduction, theory/explanation (+/- 20 minutes) is done on the boat just before the dive. We also recommend downloading a short, digital training mobile app, which you should read before doing the dive. When we arrive at the dive site, the instructor goes with one person at a time and you dive with full scuba equipment to a maximum depth of 6-8 meters, for 15 minutes each.

Each person will get a ˝Try Scuba˝recognition card from ˝Scuba Schools international˝.

The boat trip is intended as a fun trip for snorkeling and swimming too, so non-divers who don't want to Try scuba diving in Croatia can also join in on the boat trip.


Dive in Croatia: Crikvenica beginner scuba diving experience: From €78 to €100 for 1 days

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€78 to €100 1 days
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