Beginner Sušec Canyoning Experience in Slovenia

This beginner Sušec canyoning experience in Slovenia is for those who wants to try canyoning but are also a bit afraid of it.

4 hours
€55 to 65
Bovec, Europe, Slovenia, Sušec
Beginner Sušec Canyoning Experience in Slovenia

Enjoy a beginner Sušec canyoning experience in Slovenia!

Sušec canyoning activities are more of a water park play than a serious canyoning adventure. If you are more than six years old, you are welcome to join the party! No alcohol, though.

But don’t get me wrong, the canyoning Sušec experience is still very much fun for kids and adults. It has one big 22m high waterfall in the middle where rope is necessary and another one at the end. The rest is all jumps and slides. The longest slide is 12m and is pretty much vertical. We control the speed of the descent with the help of a rope and friction so that we can adjust the challenge to everyone’s needs. All the features in the canyon are completely avoidable – there is a path around every waterfall.

So if you are a family with kids or aren’t sure if canyoning is for you then I would recommend doing canyoning in Sušec.

We guarantee with utmost certainty that you will have an unforgettable day when you join us on this extreme outdoor adventure sport. If you are anything less than delighted, you need not pay a cent!

Price Includes

  • Complete canyoning gear + SHOES!
  • PHOTOS of the tour
  • Customized guided tour
  • Learn how to abseil safely under expert guidance
  • Private tour (optional)
  • Pick-up service available

Price Excludes

  1. Swimsuit & towel
  2. Water bottle & snacks

What to expect

Beginner Sušec canyoning experience in Slovenia itinerary:

You know the drill. It’s like anywhere else - gear up and hit the road! But before all that we, at Canyoning Challenge, like to spend some time getting to know each other and see what are the expectations of each participant. After we make sure everyone is heard and understood we grab a piece of neoprene and some ropes and off we go, to have the best canyoning Bovec can offer.

Bovec canyoning tours are normally beginner-friendly and fairly short, lasting for about four hours. However, there is one canyon that is an exception; canyoning in Predelica lasts for six to seven hours, depending on the size and the experience of the group. The exact opposite is Sušec canyon, which is short and also family-friendly. Group sizes are usually from four to six, but never more than eight people per guide. We try to avoid mixing groups but cannot always guarantee a private trip. (Please book private trips in advance!)

Bovec town is the best place to start any canyoning tour. We have our base here: GOOGLE MAPS. There is also some space where you can park your car, but please, leave your big-ass camper vans somewhere else. (Germans, I’m looking at you … =) Alas, no toilet room yet so make sure you do your thing before the trip.

Alright, 10 minutes have passed since we met and we have cracked the ice open. Time to gear up now. You will receive everything that you will need that day: canyoning shoes and neoprene socks, a thick canyoning (neoprene) wetsuit with a hood, a canyoning harness (climbing harness with a sliding pad) and a Petzl climbing helmet. Those who want also get a figure-8 descender device so that they can learn how to rappel by themselves. The only thing left to do now is to double-check the item list and pack the cars with gear and human bodies.

Before canyoning fun begins we have to drive for about 10 to 20 minutes, a maximum of an hour, if we go to Italian canyons. We get ready at the parking lot so make sure your swimsuit is already underneath your dry clothes. We can enter some canyons straight from the road but most of them require a short hike to warm up. You can bring bottles of water with you, but normally there is no need. All the streams around are potable, except Kozjak creek.

When we reach the starting point it is time to refresh in the cold Alpine creek water! It is crystal clear and emerald green or aquamarine blue color. Ah, yeah, the hike was worth it! Last chance for ‘pee pee’ and in your wetsuit you go. After the guide checks that you are all looking good, we do a ‘before’ photo. Next comes a safety briefing and also some training. You will need to get used to the gear and know how to operate your carabiners and descender devices. Another safety check and we go!

We accommodate every Bovec canyoning tour to the least experienced member of the team. This way we keep safety the top priority. However, this does not mean that the ‘Rambos’ of the group will be bored. Every waterfall can be dealt with in a variety of different ways. We can slide down on our behind or we can use the rope and do a proper rappel. Sometimes the pool is deep enough for a nice jump, but don’t worry - there is a way around it most of the time. If not, your guide can always lower you down safely.

Alright, you all survived this awesome Bovec canyoning adventure - superb! Time to post proof of it on your #instagram. But before that, you will be given some tips about the area, where to eat and where not to, what you must see and what to do. If you will eat out in Bovec, then your car can safely rest at our base, free of charge.


Beginner Sušec Canyoning Experience in Slovenia: From €55 to €65 for 4 hours

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