Bali Super Junior Experience 4×4 tour: Indonesia 4WD Adventure

Follow in Donghae & Eunhyuk's footsteps in Bali on this incredible 4x4 tour. Experience Indonesia on a Super Junior 4WD adventure

4 hours
Rp1,193,333 to 5,985,000
Bali Super Junior Experience 4×4 tour: Indonesia 4WD Adventure

Follow in Donghae & Eunhyuk’s footsteps in Bali on this incredible 4×4 tour. Experience Indonesia on a 4WD adventure

“We promise an experience like no one else can offer. You’ll sit where Donghae & Eunhyuk sat. You’ll sing in the exact location Super Junior sang “Offline” to create your own “Offline” video, complete with gold memento microphones you can keep.”

Super Junior’s D&E management and production crew trusted Expedition Bali Tours. Check out the attached YouTube link for the music video the Super Junior dup made for Korean SBS and MTV.

Our guides will take you to the exact location they made the music video. The EXACT location.

We are the only tour company on the planet that can offer this experience. Sit where your idols sat, sing where your idols sang. Our guides will take you there. If SUJU\’s entourage of management, security, makeup, and interpreters chose us over everyone else, your choice is made easier.

Price Includes

  • Transfers back to your hotel from the music video site.
  • 4x4 in the exact same 4x4 that Super Junior toured in.
  • Golden Memento Microphones that really work.
  • Tour in the Super Junior 4x4 across the black lava
  • Tour in the Super Junior 4x4 to the Black Sands area
  • Time permitting, we'll take you to the crystal lava cave on the way back
  • Balian Water in the 4x4
  • Transfers to the Music Video site from your hotel.

Price Excludes

  1. No food on any Super Junior tour. You can bring snacks or ask the transfer driver to stop along the way (on the way back to your hotel)

What to expect

We have two options on this tour. Both of them you'll love.

1. The Full Fan Experience
-We pick you up from your hotel between 9.30am and 11.00am (relevant to the distance from the Music Video site)
-We get you to the very same 4x4 that Donghae & Eunhyuk (D&E) sat in at around 12noon
-You'll get your very own memento Gold Microphone so you can practice your moves on the way.
-We travel over the black lava (that area where D&E say "One More Time")
-We get you to the Black Sands (that area where D&E say "wooooooooooooow, lets shoot the video here")
-You'll get out and crank up your "Off Line" music on your phone.
-You'll then film yourself singing on the exact location your idols sang.
-You'll get back in the 4x4 singing all the way back to the transfer car with your friends.
-You'll get driven back to your hotel - singing all sorts of k-Pop music all the way home.

2. The Full Rockstar Treatment.
-Everything above with a couple of notable exceptions.
You'll be picked up in a black Alphard van. These vans are the airlines equivalent to travelling first class. These vans start at around $170,000 USD each with the 2022 starting price coming in at $220,000 USD each. They are the ultimate in luxury. It really is what diplomats, the rich, and rockstars travel in when they come to Bali.
You'll have access to this van with a driver for 12 hours.
So do the tour, and after the tour, you'll have 6 - 8 hours to get home. Get a pedicure, manicure, massage, hell get them all, get coffees, eat dinner, whatever. Promise yourself this "Whatever we do, we do it in style"


Bali Super Junior Experience 4×4 tour: Indonesia 4WD Adventure: From Rp1,193,333 to Rp5,985,000 for 4 hours

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Rp1,193,333 to Rp5,985,000 4 hours
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