4 Easy Access Waterfalls in Bali: All-Day Waterfall Experience

A walking tour for people who want to explore 'easily accessible' waterfalls in Bali.

9 hours
Rp462,500 to 1,875,000
4 Easy Access Waterfalls in Bali: All-Day Waterfall Experience

Explore 4 Easy Access Waterfalls in Bali on this All-Day Waterfall Experience

We were asked by a potential guest: “Can we do four waterfalls in one day? My 60 year old parents would love to see some waterfalls in a day without getting wet.”

Now that’s a challenge right?

First thing we did was look for waterfalls with limited stairs. – Done.
Next we looked for waterfalls that were close together. – Done.
Then we made sure each of the waterfalls didn’t require anyone getting wet to get great pics – Done

Sounds easy enough, it took some work, however we found those waterfalls and grouped them into one tour for our potential guests.

Whilst creating this custom tour we realised this would be something many of our guests would want. We were looking for a reason to group waterfall tours together, a theme, and had no idea what theme to pick. Now, we have one: The Easily Accessible ‘4 Waterfall’ All Day Adventure

If you book the tour for just you, or you have up to five more people that are part of your crew, no strangers will be on your tour. We don’t jam others in on the tour to make up the numbers. You’ve booked the tour; the tour is all yours. 1 – 6 people max. We did this initially to help with Covid. More importantly, you get to experience this tour with just your intimate group. People love this new tour design.

Our drivers, are great mates, have passable English, and are nice to our guests. Best of all ‘they wait’. They pick you up from your hotel on time, you do your selected tour, and they wait. They don’t sneak off and do other jobs whilst you’re on your tour with your personal belongings in their vehicle. A bad transfer driver will be sneaking off doing other jobs, and your things could go missing. This will ruin your holiday. (Imagine if you lost your passport, your watch) Our drivers are 100% tried and tested trustworthy drivers. We pay our drivers to stay for the entire day, whether your tour is one hour, or 12 hours; they wait.

All of our waterfall and canyon tours are “at your own pace”. With the waterfall tours, the driver will point you in the right direction, and away you go. Take your time, explore, relax, see the beauty all around you. There’s no time limit. This is the only way to view waterfalls and canyons. Don’t rush from one to another waterfall. Do another waterfall tomorrow. With our canyon tours these are guided, however the guides will take their time. They are not on a time limit either, their Balinese.

Q: Can I really take as long as I want on a waterfall tour?
A: Yes, our waterfall tours are not guided. We have two canyon tours that are guided for your safety, not to keep you to a time. The waterfall tours don’t have a guide because you don’t need one. We get you there, our driver points you in the direction of the waterfall, and he waits for you to return. He’s paid for the entire day; he’ll wait for you.

Q: Can you arrange a pickup from our hotel?
A: Yes. We have bunch of great mates that all belong to one team. Their English is passable, they must all have currently registered vehicles and current drivers licences for our insurance to be effective. We keep copies on record of each driver, with expiry dates notes in our calendar with a 14 day reminder set up on each.

Q: How do I know if I will like the tour?
A: That’s easy, check our Google / Trip Advisor reviews. We also won the Luxury Tour Guide Global Award for service in 2021 / 2022 above every other tour operator in any category in Indonesia.

Q: Can I book on this particular date, a bit later?
A: All of Expedition Bali Tours are private tours. We run one tour a day of each tour. Best you pick the date and time you want, and lock that in to avoid disappointment.

Q: Should I wait for better pricing or last-minute deals?
A: We don’t do “last minute deals” and we don’t adjust our pricing for high and low season.

Q: There are 10 of us, can we all go?
A: Sure, however, this will be a booking of six, and a booking of four. (Or a booking of five and five, whichever is the cheaper option) This will require two separate vehicles to get you to the waterfall or canyon.

Q: How long has Expedition Bali Tours been around for?
A: We started in 2012.

Price Includes

  • Transfers to and from the waterfall
  • Laser Engraved Wooden 16Gig USB Stick to store all your bali pictures memento

Price Excludes

  1. No food an any tours. You can stop anywhere along the way though.

What to expect

4 Easy Access Waterfalls in Bali: All Day Waterfall Experience: Itinerary

Here's how the tour will go:

You and your partner or crew will get picked up from your accomodation.
We'll take you to the first waterfall with the next waterfall literally walking distance away with a lovely little warung (restaurant / café) between them both.
You can have lunch at the warung or you can find place to eat on the 15 minute drive towards the next waterfall.

**The price of your meal is not included in this tour**

That next waterfall we'll take you to is only 15 minutes away before taking you to our final waterfall of the day. Four waterfalls that have easy access. Lovely.

It's a long-sh day, however, it's paced not to wear you out completely. There is no guide pushing you along, however, your driver will keep an eye on the time. And... if you decide you want to stay longer at one waterfall, and miss out a waterfall, that's up to you. It's a private tour. You can change the rules as you go.

Travel Time:
Jimbaran & Nusa Dua - 8.00am departure - 2 hours Travel time
Kuta, Legian, Seminyak & Canggu - 8.45am departure - 1.25 hours travel time
Sanur - 9.00am departure - 1 travel time
Ubud - 9.30am departure - 30 minute travel time

Meeting Point: Your Hotel or Accommodation

First & second waterfall 10.00am (No rush, take your time) - 2 hours
Lunch for an hour 12.00 to 1.00pm (Lunch price not included in the tour)
Next waterfall at around 1.15pm leave after an hour (2.15pm)
Last waterfall arrive 2.45pm - leave when you want (approximately 4.00pm)

Back to your hotel
Jimbaran & Nusa Dua - 2 hours later
Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, & Canggu - 2 hours later
Sanur - 1.5 hour later
Ubud - 1 hour later

Availability: Daily

Tour Duration: 7 – 9 hours

Group Sizes: 1 – 6

Includes: Entrance Fees into each waterfall or canyon, unique gift, pick up and drop off to your accommodation.

What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops / thongs / water sandals, camera, change of clothes, swimming gear.

All of Expedition Bali Tours are private tours. We have limited availability of English speaking drivers with registered cars, and valid drivers licences. When someone books a driver for a waterfall tour, they book the car and driver for the entire day. If you see a time and day that fits in with your schedule, book it out, seriously….don’t delay. These tours are great value and book out fast.


4 Easy Access Waterfalls in Bali: All-Day Waterfall Experience: From Rp462,500 to Rp1,875,000 for 9 hours

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Rp462,500 to Rp1,875,000 9 hours
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