2 dives at Cenote Dos Ojos: Scuba Diving near Tulum, Mexico

Certified divers will do 2 dives at Cenote Dos Ojos, one of the most famous cenotes in Mexico. Definitely a must see when Scuba Diving near Tulum, Mexico

Scuba Diving
4 hours
$150 to 150

Diving in a cenote is like floating in another universe. It’s like evolving on a turquoise planet full of sacred history. The cathedral like stalactites and stalagmites that dive deep in the clear, crystal waters are like masterpieces! You can discover all of tis for yourself when Scuba Diving near Tulum, Mexico

Cenote diving is accessible for certified divers starting with level 1 (CMAS, FFESSM or PADI Open Water Diver). It’s an advanced start at cave diving, for everyone. Those that choose to not dive, can snorkel with a mask, flippers and snorkel.

During the 2 dives at Cenote Dos Ojos you will dive in easy access caves with all the specific diving material provided(lights, 5 mm wetsuits, etc.). Tours are given respecting the highest levels of security with ample space, always close to one of the exits and numerous air holes. You will have permanent visual contact with natural light. A show and emotions are guaranteed!

Price Includes

  • Transportation to the dive spots round trip
  • Guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Drinkable water
  • A light snack
  • All diving gear

Price Excludes

  1. breakfast and lunch
  2. Hotel pick up

What to expect

Dos Ojos is the biggest, most exceptional and original cenote in the area. It is simply beautiful, with easy access. Most divers usually start learning here. “Dos Ojos” means “two eyes” because there are two
cenotes. You can dive from one to the other. It’s such a large area that there are two different dives to do. One of the 2 dives at Cenote Dos Ojos is the Barbie line 9m, duration: 45 min and the other is the Bat cave 10 m, duration: 40 min.

You will see thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, in the middle of the jungle with exotic plants, flowers, trees and animals. A great experience !you can observe millions of limestone formations: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, fossils, prehistoric bone formations and native animal species . You will live the exceptional experience of the halocline(a natural, obvious line that divides the fresh from salt waters ). One of the best diving tours in the world and the best Scuba Diving near Tulum, Mexico… experience it exclusively with La Calypso.

With the water being 75 /24 c year round, the crystal clear cenote water is the coolest option in the tropical heat of Yucatan.




2 dives at Cenote Dos Ojos: Scuba Diving near Tulum, Mexico: From $150 to $150 for 4 hours

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$150 to $150 4 hours
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