European wakeboarding holidays: 14 best wakeboard spots in Europe

Jul 04, 2022 BY Mark Barber

So, what are the best wakeboard spots in Europe? It has been a hard task but we have compiled this AWE365 guide to the top 14 destinations for European wakeboarding holidays. Here goes…

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Best wakeboard spots in Europe

Please remember as with any list you probably won’t agree with all of it, and possibly not with any of it! So please let us know your suggestions in the comments.

In no particular order here are the top 14 destination to wakeboard in Europe:

Cordoba, Spain

Do you enjoy the sunshine? Then as one of the most popular destinations for European wakeboarding holidays Cordoba might be for you. Located at the Brena Reservoir, it is known for its r444laxed ambience and is the ideal location to top up your tan whilst riding the wake.

You’ll find the Xtreme-Gene Wakeboard & Waterski Camp here – probably the most popular wake camp in Europe. With lakeside log cabin accommodation it is rather idyllic, but don’t worry there is a bar nearby!

most popular wakeboard camp in europe with Xtreme Gene 3

Xtreme-Gene run 3 Nautique boats for wakeboarding. Ranging from the 196 Nautique for beginners to the popular Super Air 210 and 220 for expert wakeboarders. Coaching is by Pro riders so that guests get the most from their wakeboarding holiday.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has it all. From watching your mates face plant into the water on an organised stag do, to the more serious wakeboarder hitting jumps, plus those keen on learning the sport.

There are a few wakeboarding complexes to choose from but Aqua ski is probably the best out of the bunch. It is in a good location with a large cableway. I like that the wakeboard gear to hire includes a protective vest and a helmet as standard.

Summers in Belgrade can be very hot so make sure you pack your sun screen! Along with your ability to drink beer and party all night – if that is your kind of thing.

best wakeboarding spots in Europe - Flickr cc image by Serzhile

Lake Iskar, Bulgaria

Why not wakeboard on one the largest bodies of flat water in the whole of Europe? Located near the popular ski resort of Borovets, Lake Iskar not only provides much of the water and electricity for Sofia but is a magnet for watersports.

Lake Iskar offers 26km of water to play around in. And with the water temperature averaging 26 degrees and the outside air constantly hitting the 30’s during the summer, you won’t want to get out!

Lake Iskar at Borovets is not as commercial as some of the others in this list of the best wakeboard spots in Europe. But Bulgaria offers unique and authentic wakeboarding holidays that are more relaxed than other destinations in this list.

Check out the camps run by Snow and Wake Bulgaria. They offer lakeside accommodation, coaching – often by pros – and a selection of boats to suit your ability. British run they are tough to beat.

European wakeboarding holidays Bulgaria one of the 12 best wakeboard spots in Europe image by Snow and Wake Bulgaria

Iskar is only a 45 minute drive from the Bulgarian capital Sofia – which is well worth a day trip. Flights come into Sofia from all over Europe and it is surprisingly easy (and cheap!) from the UK.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

If you prefer a more affluent ambience then Lake Geneva is probably for you. This huge, beautiful lake between Switzerland and France makes instagram filters redundant!

With wakeboarding schools, camps and boats to hire, Lake Geneva will suit wakeboarders of all abilities. The placid calm waters are great for beginners and there are often jumps set up at the Geneva end of the lake.

It is best to avoid weekends as it can get busy with the locals. The nearest airport is Geneva which can be flown into from most UK airports.

best wakeboarding spots in Europe - Lake Geneva CC image pixabay

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Project 7 Cablepark has my vote for having the coolest name on this list of the best wakeboard spots in Europe! This hip and chic wake park is located in the fun city of Rotterdam.

Project 7 is hopefully the future for cableparks! Emphasis is put on the whole experience rather than just what happens on the water.

There are rave reviews of the restaurant, lounge terrace and the friendly ambience. So the the Project 7 cablepark is ideal for a day out, or as the focus for your holiday.

Although not the cheapest cablepark in the Netherlands, Project 7 is slickly run and is fantastic for families. They can also handle big groups with great professionalism so it’s well suited for parties and corporate days out.

Lake Como, Italy

A stunningly beautiful part of the world, Lake Como offers wakeboarding all year round. There are several water sport centres dotted around the lake so you have plenty to choose from.

With a vast array of hire equipment and schools, a wakeboarding holiday at Lake Como will suit all abilities. It is also easy to get to being around 90 minutes from both the Milan airports.

With typical Italian culture and cuisine to enjoy, Lake Como is so much more than just watersports. In between sessions, lay back on a deckchair on the sandy shore and catch some rays with the magnificent Alps as a backdrop.

Ravenna, Italy

Starwake Park is a great location for cable riding. It is also easy to reach as you can fly directly to nearby Bologna from most UK airports.

This modern watersports complex is perfect for beginners or those wishing to expand their wakeboarding skills. They offer tuition, schools and week long camps.

There are two cables to choose from. The first is a full size cable tow and the other being System 2.0 for tuition. The 2.0 system is on a smaller lake and is also ideal for advanced riders wishing to practice and nail tricks

There are great park features for those wakeboarders wishing to get some airtime or hit the rails.

Thorpe Lakes, England

Okay. I know. Not exactly an exotic location, but tie this in with a visit to Thorpe Park and it will make for an awesome weekend! For many of us it may only be on our doorstep but it has every right to be considered one of the best wakeboard spots in Europe.

Perfect for beginners, Thorpe Lakes offers great tuition packages including the equipment. For the more advanced there are plenty of features to hit.

I have been to Thorpe a lot in the past and what I like is the social and relaxed vibe. After a session on a hot summer’s evening, it is a great spot to chill with a beer and watch the other riders.

Location wise it is just off the M25 next to Thorpe Park. If you are flying in, it’s a stones throw from Heathrow and only 45 minutes drive from Gatwick.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations but is also know for its watersports scene. The historic and beautiful city of Lagos is home to the Algarve Watersport wakeboarding centre.

best wakeboarding trips in europe - 20091025 467 by Schep_B is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2dot0

You will find the Kite House just a five minute walk from the Marina. From here you can be towed behind their magnificent Mastercraft X-23 crafts.

You can also jump on the camp bus for a five minute journey to ride on a pair of 2.0 cable systems. The more advanced riders will enjoy the ramps, rails, sliders and kickers.

Neorion Bay, Greece

Neorion Bay is located in the town of Poros in the Saronic Gulf. Expect clear blue water, sunshine, and a stunning view of the magnificent mountains in the background.

Not a big hitter in terms of facilities. But this is one of the best wakeboard spots in Europe, if you are looking for an unspoilt destination that is free from the crowds.

Riding behind a boat, it is great for all levels of riders. Beginners and intermediates will benefit from the top quality tuition available. There are also packages and camps available with a stay in apartments included.

Unfortunately, there are no airport on the island of Poros. The best option is to fly to Athens, hire a car, and take the ferry over to the island.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Wakelake is just a few minutes outside the centre of Bratislava, the Slovakian capital. There is a large cable park with features that will keep advanced wakeboarders very happy.

There are free sessions for beginners every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Once you can do a lap you have to start paying but even then it is not expensive.

European wakeboarding holidays Bratislava in Slovakia one of the 12 best wakeboard spots in Europe image by Wakelake

There is also beach volleyball, SUP, flyboarding, beach tennis and a popular bar and restaurant. You can wakeboard from dawn until dusk and the bar has a great vibe.

Bratislava is well known as a stag do destination, so it is a fun city with lots to do, interesting culture and cheap beer. It is easy to reach from the UK with some ludicrously cheap flights to Bratislava from Stansted. Alternatively fly to Vienna which is about an hour away.

Langenfeld, Germany

There are so many wakeboarding parks in Germany it is hard to pick one for this list of the top wakeboarding destinations in Europe. The Wasserski Langenfeld is a popular destination for professionals and beginners alike.

A word of advice is to make sure that you book in your equipment hire in advance. As when it is busy you may not be able to hire it on the day.

best wakeboarding spots in europe - LAO (153) by thegapmagazin is licensed under CC BY 2dot0

Experts will enjoy lapping the feature packed park on the cable system. Whilst big groups are well catered for with a reputation for having an effective and streamlined system for dealing with large numbers.

St Tropez, France

Out of the top destinations for European wakeboarding holidays, St Tropez has to be one of the most glitzy!

Join the jet-setters on the French Riviera where the millionaires come to play and splash their cash (not an intentional pun, I promise!). Board in between the huge yacht’s of the rich and famous while enjoying the sun. Just don’t forget your Ray Bans!

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a credit card made of platinum to wakeboard in St Tropez. There is a British run wakeboarding school in St Tropez that offers excellent value and heaps of fun.

St Tropez wakeboard Lagoon one of the top destinations for European wakeboarding holidays

Brighton & Hove, UK

It might not be top of many peoples list of the best wakeboarding destinations in Europe but as out editors hometown, so I had to include it… However, when it comes to European wakeboarding holidays, Brighton has three very good things going for it.

Firstly, located on the south coast of England you can get out to sea wakeboarding behind a boat. There is a wakeboarding club at Brighton Marina and a centre offering wakeboarding – with tuition if you want it – behind a Mastercraft Xstar.

Secondly, at Hove lagoon you’ll find a small but very well designed cable wake park. There are three 2.0 cable systems with plenty of features to keep everyone from beginners to experts happy.

Thirdly, Brighton is a very popular tourist town with a lot to do when not in the water. It is also well known for it’s party atmosphere, with pubs, bars and clubs aplenty.

Lagoon Watersports wakeboarding lesson in Hove lagoon Brighton one of the top destinations for European wakeboarding holidays

European wakeboarding holidays

From crystal blue and warm waters to park features, cableways to boats and rural retreats to party cities. There is plenty of choice for wakeboarding in Europe.

What do you think of our list of the top destinations for European wakeboarding holidays? Have we missed any of the list that you feel is a crime against humanity? Let us know in the comments.

Before booking, check out our wakeboarding holidays discounts as you could save a fortune.


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