Europe wakeboarding holidays: 5 great European wakeboard destinations

May 17, 2016 BY Paul McWilliams

Would you like a wakeboarding holiday this summer? Dedicated wake trips are so much better than vacations with a bit of wakeboarding on the side. So we’ve put together this article about great European wake destinations to help you plan your Europe wakeboarding holidays.

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. You only have to look at the facts to see for yourself. Over the past few years, an estimated six new cable parks have been opening a month in destinations around the world, with parks now in more than 50 countries.

5 great European wake destinations

Europe wakeboarding holidays are more popular than ever but with so many parks to choose from, it can be a tough decision to make. So check out the 5 great European wakeboarding destinations below, choose any of them and you’re sure of a great wakeboarding holiday.

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With parks and destinations in more or less every country on the continent it’s not always easy to know which ones are the best. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 great European wake destinations to visit.

Aqua Ski Cable Park, Belgrade, Serbia

Located on the Serbian capital’s city lake, the Ada Ciganlija, this is a top spot for learning your trade. Home of the European Cable Wakeboard Championships in 2011, this is a unique wakeboarding spot. Sizzling hot sunshine in the summer, one of Europe’s top party destinations on your doorstep and perfect calm water for learning the basics all make Belgrade hard to beat for beginners.

Wakeboarding in Borovets, Bulgaria

Just 45 minutes drive from the Bulgarian capital Sofia is the ski resort of Borovets. In the summer the nearby Lake Izkar makes the perfect wakeboarding destination. Lake Iskar is 26km of flat uncommercialized water where the summer water temperature averages 26°C and the air in the 30s.

Check out Snow and Wake Bulgaria for wakeboarding holidays on Lake Izkar. They can cater for up to 20 people at a time, offering a range of accommodation and board options to suit your needs. They have a full stock of wakeboarding equipment and a range of boats including a Sportique and Mastercraft X-star. They offer coaching for beginners and experts alike and often have pros on hand to help with the coaching.

Stay in the chalet accommodation and head out onto the water in a wakeboarding destination that has yet to be discovered by the masses. That means more and better quality time on the board, which is ideal for advanced and beginner boarders alike. Check out this hidden gem now before everyone else finds out about it.


Europe wakeboarding holidays on the Greek Islands

Found on one of Greece’s greenest and most picturesque islands, Poros, just an hour from Athens, the Passage Water Ski centre has some of clearest and most beautiful waters on earth. The centre is owned by Sotiris Kyprios, a former European slalom champion, so you can definitely expect good things.

They use a 2005 Malibu Wakeseeker VLX, a craft designed to create big waves suitable for wakesurfing as well as wakeboarding. It’s the biggest wave in Greece suitable for riding and probably better suited to those with a bit of experience under their belts.

Europe wakeboarding holidays flickr image by Boost-kitesurfing

Wakeboarding with the well-heeled on Lake Geneva

We might as well get this out there now, Europe wakeboarding holidays on Lake Geneva are not going to be cheap. But at less than two hours from the UK and with the mighty peaks of the Alps in the background there are worse places to spend your hard-earned cash.

You’ll be hob-nobbing with the cream of Swiss society but don’t let that fool you into thinking the riding is easy. There are plenty of ski and board schools to choose from around the lake, suitable for different budgets (to a degree) and skill levels.

Wakeboard in the sunshine in Cordoba, Spain

Brena Reservoir near Cordoba is one of the most popular wakeboard destinations in Europe. But this is more than just quality wakeboarding, it’s the whole package. Beautiful sunshine is almost guaranteed, and with summer temperatures hitting the high 30s, you won’t mind the odd wipeout. The relaxed atmosphere of the camp also makes it a great holiday destination.

Europe wakeboarding holidays flickr image by maesejose

The Xtreme-Gene Wakeboard & Waterski Camp is found in the beautiful region of Andalucia, and the lakeside log cabin accommodation with nearby bar and terrace should be enough to keep most people smiling throughout the whole trip. With packages ranging from full weeks, to weekends and day camps, there is something for everyone in this sunny corner of Spain.

Xtreme-Gene run 3 Nautique boats for wakeboarding. Ranging from the 196 Nautique for beginners to the popular Super Air 210 and 220 for expert boarders. Coaching at Xtreme-Gene is by Pro riders to ensure guests get the very most from their holiday and leave as a better wakeboarder.

We hope these 5 great European wake destinations have you planning Europe wakeboarding holidays. Be sure to check out our wakeboarding discounts as you could save a fortune. 

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