Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Nov 30, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Looking to immerse yourself in real climber culture? Want the kind of trip where you don’t just feel like another number at the bottom of a balance sheet? Then check out Rockbusters who provide some of the best rock climbing holidays on the planet.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Enjoy real climber culture

Rockbusters are not like other climbing tour operators. This is a company run by climbing instructors – including some of the best names in the business – with the aim of spreading a genuine love of climbing. With immersion into a real climber culture, guests soon feeling like a part of the Rockbusters crew.

rockbuster logoWith a range of holidays, courses, road trips and pro sessions catering for all levels, you can become part of the Rockbusters family, whatever your ability level. Build technique and strength with tuition from some of the best instructors on the planet, then hang out and party in true climber style.

As well as the technical and fun side of climbing, all the Rockbusters’ climbing trips aim to give you an insight into real climber culture. Join the crew on their Spanish climbing trips at Sella, Siurana, Albarracin and Margalef and you’ll feel part of the team both on and off the face.

Hang out with pro-climbers, swap stories with people from around the world, and visit some of the best crags on the planet. This is your chance to get a direct line into the global climbing community.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Best rock climbing holidays

Rockbusters feel that they provide probably the best rock climbing holiday on the planet. Catering all levels check out their trips suitable for:

First timers

Never been climbing before (or recently caught the bug on a indoor climbing wall) and looking for a genuine climbing experience? Then Rockbusters offer a choice of trips to help you progress quickly.

The Beginners Climbing Camp in Sella, Spain, lasts for two weeks and aims to give you a complete immersive introduction to the climbing world. The one-week Novice Climbing Camp is another great way to get into the sport, learning from some of the best instructors in the business.


Already mastered the basics and looking to move to the next level? Then the Rockbusters team can help you make the step up. There’s lead climber coaching available with personalised training and as much time on the face as you can handle.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Join workshops run throughout the year to build skill level. Expect slab/vertical ground work to improve footwork and efficiency. Develop your balance for more confident climbing and work on trad and multipitch skills.

The main Spanish climbing trips throughout the year (which can be combined) are great for improvers of varying abilities. There’s one-to-one coaching and tuition, skill and theory sessions plus more. It’s all geared towards building on your knowledge and ability.


There’s also red pointing and on-sight climbing coaching available throughout the year for more advanced climbers. If you’re already confident with balance and footwork, then the team will help you to start climbing your own routes.

There are coaching trips all over Europe but Rodellar and Catalunya are great places to progress your climbing. Or there’s private guiding available throughout the year if you’re looking for some more dedicated instruction.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Specialist rock climbing holidays

Of course the best rock climbing holidays do not only focus on the ability of the climber. Rockbusters also run specialist climbing trips to satisfy the diverse needs of the all climbers:


Hooked on bouldering? Then check out the Rockbusters Bouldering trip to Albarracin. Test your skills to the limit without the hassle of a harness.

You don’t even have to worry about decking out, as this is a discipline that’s all about explosive strength close to the ground. Enjoy pure climbing fun with top instruction to boost your core climbing skills. If you’re boulder mad, it doesn’t get much better than Albarracin.


Sometimes it can be a little bit intimidating for girls to go climbing with the guys. All that testosterone flying around can get in the way of improving your climbing. That’s why Rockbusters run ladies only climbing trips with Daila Ojeda.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers: Daila Ojeda image by Rockbusters

Head out to some of the best faces in Spain (and therefore the world) with a bunch of likeminded girls looking to build technique, tackle tough routes and generally have a blast.

Pro sessions

If you’re climbing at a high level but need some help taking the next step then join one of the rockbusters sessions climbing with pros. Learn from some of the world’s best climbers, including multiple world champion Patxi Usobiaga, Adam Ondra, Hazel Findlay and Daila Ojeda.

Patxi will introduce you to his PUC training methods at the new climbing gym in Reus. Adam will focus on strategy for on-sight and redpoint climbing. Or get mental Coaching with Hazel Findlay – renowned for being one of the toughest climbers in the world – who’ll help you overcome the barriers in your mind.

There’s also technical and biomechanical advice to boost technique and avoid injury from physio to the pros Pablo Scorza. Pablo believes that most climbing injuries are caused by flaws in technique causing damage over the long term. By avoiding injury you’ll become a better climber much more quickly.

Rock climbing holidays with pros: Coaching by world's best climbers: Adam Ondra Flickr image by Mattias Kanhov

There’s pro-climbers performance coaching trip where you’ll spend a week getting instruction from the team. They’ll focus on your individual needs to overcome fears, barriers and technical deficiencies, whilst improving strength and reducing injury.

With coaching from top climbing pros you’ll progress at an astonishing rate. All whilst enjoying the real climbing culture with the Rockbusters crew.

Christmas climbers

Tired of fighting over the last bit of Christmas pudding or just looking to get away from the miserable mid-winter weather? Then join the Christmas climbing holiday at Sella.

The crags are virtually empty so you’ll have the run of the place, with hundreds of sport routes to explore and intensive coaching to help you improve. Plus, you’ll get to hang out and spend Christmas with a great group of people. There’s not a Brussels sprout in sight.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Euro road trip

For the ultimate climbing experience, join the Rockbusters crew for their mammoth summer two month Europe Climbing Trip. You’ll climb as much as you can handle, taking on some of the best faces and crags across the continent all while being immersed in real climber culture.

This includes visiting the top crags in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain.

Join for a couple of weeks and they’ll meet you at the airport or come along for the whole ride for the most fun you can have on a climbing tour. By the end of the trip, you’ll be walking, talking and climbing like a seasoned pro.

Climber culture with Rockbusters

Whatever your ability level, climbing is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life. No one knows this better than Rockbusters who eat, sleep and live for the face.

Enjoy real climber culture: Best rock climbing holidays by Rockbusters

Enjoy real climber culture on some of the best climbing holidays with Rockbusters. Visit some of the top crags in the world you’ll find out why climbing is so much more than just a sport.

If you want to enjoy real climber culture on some of the best rock climbing holidays on the planet then check out the Rockbusters website: www.rockbusters.net

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