Easiest New York dropzone by train: Long Island Skydiving Center

Dec 05, 2014 BY Annette Lyn O'Neil

Why jump at the Long Island Skydiving Center? If you’re staying in New York City, then it’s a simple matter of convenience. Uniquely in the region, you don’t even need a car to stop by this DZ from the Big Apple, making it the easiest New York dropzone by train.

Image courtesy of Long Island Skydiving Center

It’s so easy to get to almost to the door of the dropzone just by catching a train. If you’re hob-nobbing with the upper crust in the Hamptons, it’s even closer, at only eight miles away.


Weekend skydiving trips from the Big Apple to activity-packed Long Island


Spadaro Airport in East Moriches, New York


Cessna 182

Image courtesy of Long Island Skydiving Center

Experienced-jumper friendly?

Yes, if you have your chops and the paperwork to prove it. Because the coastal landing area is tricky, USPA D-licenses are required to score a solo.

Getting a deal

Check the DZ’s Facebook page for limited-time skydiving specials (especially of the tandem variety) and occasional contests.

For more information about the Long Island Skydiving Center and to discover exactly why it’s the easiest New York dropzone by train, visit www.longislandskydiving.com.

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