Dry bags to waterproof cases: Best sailing gear bags reviewed

Aug 06, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

This past winter, I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of keeping my kit dry while on sailing adventures. To save other people the cost I incurred I set out to get the best sailing gear bags reviewed.

sailing gear bags Sailing Toronto in Canada Flickr CC image by mkooiman

Around noon, we pulled into an anchorage near the French Caribbean island of Martinique. After a quick lunch, we decided to head ashore to buy supplies for the next leg of our journey.

We took our laptops to check our email and Skype a few friends. It wasn’t raining when we got into the dinghy and headed to shore, but the skies opened halfway across the harbor. No dry bags = not cool.

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive sailor, a dry bag is an imperative piece of equipment that can save you from disastrous situations. The price is minimal, compared to what it can save you from.

Best sailing gear bags reviewed

Here are some quality dry bags to consider for your next sailing holidays.

Gul Dry Bag 150L

This is a standard cylindrical shaped dry bag that holds a massive volume of 150L. Load this bag up with tons of gear, seal it up, throw on the straps and you’re good to go.

I have used this model for grocery shopping because of its handy backpack straps and huge storage capacity. If you have this onboard, you will use it often and it is easily one of the best sailing gear bags.

sailing gear bags Gul dry bags

Henri Lloyd CSL Dry Holdall 55L

This great dry bag holds an impressive 55 liters. Its fashioned after a typical gym bag with a shoulder strap and reinforced grab handles.

The strap and grab handles are affixed with care to be sure that they don’t tear under strain. There is also an air release valve to spill excess, saving unused space inside the dry bag. This bag will hold anything from electronics, to clothes, to your small dog.

Musto Onboard Wheely Backpack 45L

This is an impressive piece of kit that looks just like a fancy carry on luggage that you’d see at an airport. For convenience and carrying options, there are backpack straps and a retractable pull handle to wheel this dry bag along.

If you don’t plan on using the backpack straps, just tuck them away in the stow pockets. Make a practical fashion statement with one of the best sailing gear bags.

Aquapac Waterproof Electronic Bags

This innovative company saw the opportunity to produce waterproof cases for electronic devices. They have models for phones, radios, iPods, keys, wallets, cameras, and anything else that you want to keep dry. Many of the bag models are interchangeable with varying devices.

Don’t jump into the water and ruin your new phone ever again. These Aquapac dry bags are waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters and they resist sand and scratching.

best sailing gear bags Waterproof Cases & Bags by Aquapac

Crewsaver Lundy Dry Bag 30L

This dry bag is shaped and most intended for the protection of sleeping bags. There is nothing worse than a damp or drenched sleeping bag when you’re in the middle of your sailing holidays and after valuable sleep.

Once a sailor has endured this experience once, they never want to make the same mistake again.

Gill Wash Bag

This compact and efficient bag is meant to store personal hygiene articles. It features a handy hook so that you can hang it near the sink or shower for easy access.

The inside is divided into compartments to keep your essentials organized. Be sure to keep your toothbrush away from the toilet paper.

Gill Wallet

Soggy bills in small denominations are cool and all, but when I’m carrying around ten thousand dollars in cash, I like to keep it dry and crispy. Gill offers a tri-folding wallet with all of the expected pockets of a conventional wallet.

Ronstan Large Dry Bag 55L

This creative backpack dry bag can be rolled down into a carry bag if the load is light. Choose your own size depending on your cargo and space requirements. If you need quick access to something, store it in the outside pockets.

Ronstan best sailing gear bags

There you have it the best sailing gear bags. There are all sorts of dry bags for your next sailing holidays adventure. Don’t make the mistake of losing an expensive item by being ill prepared for harsh weather.

Many of the aforementioned dry bags are available in various sizes. Dry bags are also great gift ideas for sailors or ocean-minded individuals that already seem to have it all.

We hope you found this article useful. Be sure to check out our sailing discounts as you could save a fortune!


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