Does James Bond prefer skiing or snowboarding?

Sep 09, 2021 BY Mark Barber

Snow chase scenes are as iconic as a Vodka Martini in the James Bond Franchise. From cars, an aircraft, cello cases, to utilising broken parts of a snowmobile for a snowboard, when being pursued by henchman Bond doesn’t seem to care how he slides down the slopes. But, what does James Bond prefer, Skiing or Snowboarding?

Does James Bond ski or snowboard - snow scene - Living Daylights

007 ski background

Bond’s love of snow sports is thought to mirror that of his creator. Ian Fleming spent his early adulthood in the late 1920’s living in the now famous Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel. This was in the infant days of commercial skiing with Kitzbühel being one of the first Austrian resorts to embrace the sport. It is here that Fleming learnt to ski.

It is also said that the Bond character is based on Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Patrick Dalzel-Job, who was under Fleming’s command during World War II. He was the real James Bond and could expertly ski backwards.

Does James Bond prefer skiing or snowboarding - snow scene - A View To A Kill

In the novels it was written that James Bond’s family came from Glencoe, home of one of Scotland’s ski resorts. This was also referenced in the film SkyFall.

James Bond skiing

After knowing all this it is very surprising that Bond did not ski at all in any of Fleming’s novels. Nor was there any ski action in any of Sean Connery’s Bond films. The first time that James Bond donned a pair of skis was George Lazenby’s one hit wonder of playing 007 in the 1969 film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

James Bond snowwboarding

It wasn’t until 1985 that a very middle-aged Roger Moore showed us James Bond’s snowboarding skills in A View To A Kill. Being pursued by stereotypical baddies, the chase starts off with Bond on ski’s, before moving on to a snowmobile. Then, the iconic snowboarding scene when Bond utilises the front blade of his crashed snowmobile for a snowboard. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, cue in a Beach Boys soundtrack.

For many people this was their first experience of snowboarding. In fact, it was iconic snowboarder Sims that did the snowboarding scenes in the film. Tom Sims was creator of the first ever snowboard brand, aptly named ‘Sims’.

Disappointingly, after inspiring a generation to snowboard, Bond has never taken a snowboard for a spin since. Instead opting for skis, and in the case of Timothy Dalton’s 007 in Licence to Kill, a Cello case!

So, it does seem that James Bond does prefer skiing to snowboarding. Let’s face it, he only snowboarded once because he was left with no other option after his snowmobile blew up!

Does James Bond prefer skiing or snowboarding?

Pierce Brosnan proved he could ski himself out of trouble in the World Is Not Enough. I then had high hopes that the more rugged looking Daniel Craig’s Bond maybe a secret snowboarding park rat, but in Spectre he chose an aircraft as his mode of transport down a mountain, using it as a toboggan!

So Bond is back with No Time To Die. As I wonder what is in store with Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond, I am pretty sure that he will not be sliding down the slopes on a snowboard!

Maybe if Bond was born in the 90’s it may have been a different story? But, then again, maybe sipping a vodka martini after a snowboarding pursuit does not seem so suave!

A Time to Die

After much anticipation, the new James Bond Film, No Time To Die, will be released on 30th September 2021. Are you going to see it at the cinema? Let us know in the comments below what you think of the movie.

Does James Bond prefer skiing or snowboarding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile book yourself a skiing holiday or a snowboarding holiday this winter as doing it yourself is so much better than watching someone else have all the fun!


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