Visitmeteora discount: 20% off hiking

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Visitmeteora discount: 20% off hiking


The guided hiking tour of Meteora that we offer is one of the best ways to enjoy the unique landscape of the Meteora rocks and to learn the history of the place which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By joining this morning hike you will get the chance to see many things other visitors will never see, because we will guide you through ancient trails that only the locals know of. We are going to lead you to the footsteps of the first hermits and monks who originally arrived here more than 15 centuries ago, in order to experience Meteora like never before.

The hike will start on the foot of the Doupiani rock, right beneath the old ruins of Pantokrator monastery. From there you are going to cross the massive rock pillars of Meteora towards the northern side of the rocks, following a trail that leads to the hidden monasteries of Ypapanti and the ruins of St. Dimitrios, which in the early 19th century became part of a batlle during a local uprising against the Ottoman Turks.

Take this hike and hear about all the secret stories behind each place you pass by through the exciting narrative of local mountain guides. From that point and after a short walk you will find yourself gazing at the impressive monasteries of Great Meteoron and Varlaam which are located on a higher level, with enough time to spend for a visit in one of them.

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Visitmeteora discount: 20% off hiking: From €25 to €35
Save up to €7 (max saving per person)
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€25 to €35 Save up to €7
From €25 to €35 visitmeteora discount: 20%
Save up to €7 (max saving per person)

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