Tandem Experti discount: 15% off Hungary and Croatia skydives

€190 to 360
Tandem Experti discount: 15% off Hungary and Croatia skydives


Tandem skydiving from 4000 meters (13000 ft.) with 60 seconds free fall at 200 km/h. Offering 15% off Hungary and Croatia skydives with the Croatian national parachute team.

Hungary and Croatia skydives

Tandem Experti team gathers a top-skilled tandem instructors and skydivers who are experienced skydivers with hundreds or parachute jumps. Most are the members of the Croatian national parachute team. Keeping in mind that you will make your tandem skydive with a top athlete, you can safely enjoy your Hungary and Croatia skydives.

Very important for us is that on your tandem parachute jump, you experience the best of skydiving, and because that we are not based to just one airport but rather organize tandem jumps at several airports which at that moment provide the best deal.

One of the most important factors in tandem skydive is certainly the altitude of tandem jump and because that, we are trying to provide altitude of +4000 meters for all our candidates.

Comfort aircraft, which you will be flying at height to perform a tandem parachute jump is also very important, so we use aircraft that have a capacity of about 20 skydivers or passengers and providing a high degree of comfort and security.

For many of our candidates, ride at jumping altitude is also the first time ever to flying on an airplane, and for this reason we want that this sky-ride be very pleasant experience and an opportunity for sightseeing panoramas before enjoying Hungary and Croatia skydives.

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Tandem Experti discount: 15% off Hungary and Croatia skydives: From €190 to €360
Save up to €54 (max saving per person)
Discount 15%

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€190 to €360 Save up to €54
From €190 to €360 Tandem Experti discount: 15%
Save up to €54 (max saving per person)

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