Sky Service Discount: 5% off Skydiving

€148 to 155
Czech Republic, Europe, Prague
Sky Service Discount: 5% off Skydiving


Get an adrenaline rush like never before on this tandem skydiving adventure from Prague. Tandem jumps are available for guests of any age, from 10-100, and no special training is required, or special medical needed. All it takes is a quick 10-minute briefing before the jump, and the professional tandem pilots will take care of the rest.

First your plane will climb to an altitude of up to 14,000 feet (4,200 meters). This takes about 15 minutes, so enjoy the views of the beautiful Czech countryside as you fly. Then, a green light flashes, the plane door opens, your heart stops for a while, and off you go. Jump!

Flying like a bird, freefall for nearly a minute at a speed of more than 120mph (200 km/h). Your shoot will finally open, you can put your heart back in your chest, and cruise like a bird for another 6 minutes. Landings are safe with the help of your tandem pilot.

Back on firm ground, pick-up your skydive certificate and complimentary sky diving T-shirt, and make your way back to Prague.

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Sky Service Discount: 5% off Skydiving: From €148 to €155
Save up to €7.75 (max saving per person)
Discount 5%

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€148 to €155 Save up to €7.75
From €148 to €155 Sky Service discount: 5%
Save up to €7.75 (max saving per person)

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