Haka Tours Discount: 5% off overlanding in New Zealand



Few places in the world are as beautiful or as epic as New Zealand. Loved by backpackers and holiday makers alike, our scenery is so stunning it will leave you breathless, friendly locals will make you feel at home, and we have more adventure activities jam-packed into one country than anywhere else.

From skydiving over mountains so magnificent they are called “The Remarkables” to walking along active volcanoes to dabbling in Maori culture to discovering 100 year old rain forests, the diversity of NZ never ceases to amaze. What better country for an epic bus or coach tour?

Haka Tours is a multi award winning tour operator – 100% owned and and operated and we are super passionate about giving you the NZ trip of a life time. Since day one in 2007 our core philosophy is that ‘size matters’ – that small group tours make for a far better experience – we’d hate to be on a bus with 40 other people! It’s why we restrict numbers to just 16 per tour.

Small groups mean that during the day we can be flexible, so while we’ll always follow our itineraries, what we do day-to-day is not set in stone – so if it’s a sunny day we might find a beach and have a dip, or if it’s rainy, we’ll probably avoid the beach. If you want a rigid fixed schedule, where you know exactly what you are doing on each day, then you’re best to stick with the big bus!

Our tours are stress free and are all-inclusive of all the essentials –transport, breakfast, accommodation our passionate Kiwi guide and more. You can customise your itinerary by adding optional activities.

Discount terms

  • To redeem a discount provide your AWE365 membership number
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • This discount is subject to availability and change and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Discount does not apply to flight element of booking

Haka Tours Discount: 5% off overlanding in New Zealand: From NZD379 to NZD4,499
Save up to NZD224.95 (max saving per person)
Discount 5%

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NZD379 to NZD4,499 Save up to NZD224.95
From NZD379 to NZD4,499 Haka Tours discount: 5%
Save up to NZD224.95 (max saving per person)

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