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GRG provide rafting on nine rivers in Nepal offering everything from a half day on the Upper Seti River near Pokhara and day trips on the Trisuli river near Kathmandu, to full on 8-11 day expeditions on the Tamur, Sun Kosi and Karnali. For those looking for overnight rafting in Nepal but not a full on expedition there are a range of 2-4 day trips on the Kali Gandaki, Marsyandi, Lower Seti, Bhote Kosi and Trisuli rivers.

GRG’s Adventure Kayaking discount offers 10% off all of its rafting in Nepal. However you can also choose to kayak rather than raft any of the above rivers, have a go at canyoning, paragliding, climbing, trekking, mountain biking, safari, zip lining, yoga and even bungy jumping.  Giving you a huge range of adventures to choose from in Nepal.

The Rivers

Sun Kosi

We are THE Sun Kosi company. We run more Sun Kosi Rafting trips than anyone else. Why? Because we LOVE this river. It is rated one of the top 10 rivers journeys in the world by National Geographic.

The Sun Kosi is an 8 day expedition experience through the heart of Nepal starting near the Tibetan border and running all the way to the confluence with the Ganges. In river miles, it is the longest river on offer in Nepal. You can expect warm water, big bouncy rapids, white sandy beaches, great wildlife, beautiful scenery and a whole heap of fun! What’s not to love!


Day trip – The most popular day trip for all abilities and the best rafting day trip you can do from Kathmandu.


One of Nepal’s newest rivers open for rafting and kayaking, it is often called “The Jewel in the East”. This sparkling river hails its waters from the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world straddling Nepal’s border in the east.

The river itself is accessed by three days of trekking with stunning views of Everest and Kanchenjunga, simply breathtaking. Once you reach the river you are then treated to rapids, rapids and more rapids! There are 120 rapids in its 131km raftable kilometer length. This means non stop white water through an unspoilt and barely inhabited environment.

Kali Gandaki

60 rapids in 60 minutes! You will experience wild and adrenaline pumping rapids as the river tumbles down to the plains from the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges, carving through one of the deepest canyons in the world. With warm waterfalls to play in this river trip is one of the ‘must do things’ in Nepal.


The Karnali is Nepal’s longest and largest river with its source near to Tibet’s holy Mount Kailash. Carving through the Tibetan plateau and Himalaya into Nepal’s lush western forests. After the snow melt this river becomes a raging torrent with huge Class IV-V rapids which offers brilliant rafting.

A highlight is continuous raging rapids through the the 7km long gorge. It sucks you in one end and spits you out the other (in one piece!). Not only great for white water, but it’travels through unpopulated, pristine jungle meaning if you are lucky you can see deer, leopards, tiger, jackals, mongoose, monkeys and small brown bears.

Lower Seti

Most of the year this has relatively easy Class II-III rapids but during the monsoon the rapids can become monstrous. It’s a classic Nepali River winding through forested canyons and twisted rock and sandstone formations. This river travels through Magar villages from where the famous Gurkha soldiers hail. It is a very gentle ride with beautiful scenery an ideal family trip.

Upper Seti

Just 20 minutes from Pokhara this is a fantastic half day rafting. Short and sweet, there are continuous rapids for over 40 minutes, we can even fit in 2 runs if your up for it! Seti means ‘white’ and describes the water perfectly due to the nonstop rapids. Watch out for ‘Landslide’ rapid…it’s a monster!

Bhote Kosi

Currently out of action due to the 2015 earthquake we hope to be able to raft the Bhote Kosi again soon as it is one of the shortest but wildest rivers on offer in Nepal. It’s steep path creates a virtual year-round torrent that provides some of the most exciting rafting in the world. If you have just one day enjoy the wild Upper Section of the Bhote Kosi and add the Lower river if you have more time.


This monster is often called “The Raging River” in the local tongue and offers up what is considered as the best white water rafting and kayaking experience in the world. Fed by the Northern slopes of the Annapurna Himal it passes through the arid Manang region, before roaring its way into the lower foothills to join with the Trisuli River.

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GRG’s Adventure Kayaking discount: 10% off rafting in Nepal: From $60 to $1,100
Save up to $110 (max saving per person)
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$60 to $1,100 Save up to $110
From $60 to $1,100 GRG's Adventure Kayaking discount: 10%
Save up to $110 (max saving per person)

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