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Our Czech multi-activity holidays in the Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland National Parks (in Czech Republic) are fun, challenging, and packed with things to do. It’s a holiday for families who want to keep the adrenaline pumping, discovering new places and activities.

This adventure bundle includes a couple guided and some self guided activities. The popular via ferrata climb with a guide has routes for beginners as well as for very experienced climbers.

Relaxing white water rafting on the Elbe, in the deepest sandstone canyon in Europe is great to combine with cycling. Down the stream you go with a boat, back up the stream you cycle on the more and more popular Elbe cycling trail.

Walking in the national park Bohemian Switzerland is simply a hop into a fairy tale countryside with dells, rock formations and deep woods. Dozens of lookout points along the walks make the Czech multi activity holidays unforgettable.

And one more activity – downhill scooter ride from the highest table top mountain of the Czech Republic down to the Elbe river. You can choose the length of the trip from 12 to 50 km.

In the afternoon you can enjoy a relaxation in an aquatic park with a geothermal water. And if you are interested in the place you stay, you can learn all about it with our scavenger hunt using a mobile app, giving you tasks within the historical old town.

There is one free day during our Czech multi activity holidays during which you can decide what other activities to do. Paintball, walking, trip to Prague or Dresden or just stay and relax?

A mix of guided and self-guided activities makes your stay well-balanced with the freedom to shape your Czech multi activity holidays to suit you.

An unforgettable part of the tour is accommodation in a family-run hotel with local cuisine prepared by a top cook. The tour package includes everything necessary for your carefree stay.

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Enthusia Active Tours discount: 10% off Czech multi activity holidays: From €620 to €715
Save up to €71.5 (max saving per person)
Discount 10%

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€620 to €715 Save up to €71.5
From €620 to €715 Enthusia Active Tours discount: 10%
Save up to €71.5 (max saving per person)

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