Drumcad discount: 50% off Danube Delta kayaking trips

€345 to 395
Black Sea, Danube, Europe, Romania, Sulina
Drumcad discount: 50% off Danube Delta kayaking trips


Most travelers along the Danube river, end their journey of thousands of kilometers in Sulina. You can change this by taking Danube Delta kayaking trips.

In the middle of the Danube Delta, on an island where you can arrive just by ferry is a magic land between sky and water. A destination between wilderness and civilization is waiting for you.

Danube Delta kayaking trips

Whether you ate traveller or tourist, you can discover the Danube Delta in slow motion by kayak, canoe, bike or hiking. Whether you prefer to travel with a guide or in a self-guided tour, you’ll enjoy a world where time passes differently.

Explore lonely paths and wild beaches, see wild birds and hear untold stories. Enjoy either day trips or multi day Danube Delta kayaking trips. We can focus on photography, gastronomy, cultural, historical or discovery experiences.

Trips can be about endurance or lazy, on the land or on the water. With three different guides, we offer you a foray in our world, to discover part of our ordinary (to us) but extraordinary (to you) life.

We can camp at our centre or in the wild, travelling between 10 to 25 km a day. You’ll eat traditional meals including fish soup or grilled ham on the wild beach fire. You’ll sleep in a tent, caravan or in local people’s houses. Let your mind open on Danube Delta kayaking trips and it will fill with the magic of this amazing place.

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Drumcad discount: 50% off Danube Delta kayaking trips: From €345 to €395
Save up to €197.5 (max saving per person)
Discount 50%

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€345 to €395 Save up to €197.5
From €345 to €395 Drumcad discount: 50%
Save up to €197.5 (max saving per person)

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