Dive Tioman Discount: 10% off Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
RM150 to 3,500
Dive Tioman Discount: 10% off Scuba Diving


Tioman Island is one of the best dive destinations in Malaysia with some 20 different dive sites on offer. It is famous for its healthy coral reefs and an abundance of marine life.

Tioman lies in the South China Sea, which has a sandy see bed and a maximum depth of only around 60 meters. The dive sites around Tioman Island are mostly along small islands which are lying scattered in some 3 miles distance to Tioman Island.

The general reef formation consists of large granite boulders which are densely covered in hard and soft corals and form a perfect habitat for small and large reef fish. Check out our dive site listings for more details on the dive spots.

B&J has been diving these reefs since 1986 and has always been active in preserving them. We’ve won several awards for our environmental efforts and will continue to protect our oceans. A bit further away, some 20nm to 46nm north of Tioman lie some of the most impressive shipwrecks the world has to offer.

Boat dives start from just MYR 110 and if you buy in bulk can cost as little as MYR 80 each.

We offer discounts on diving activities but also on our Tioman Dive Resort.
– 10% discount on room rates (not applicable over public holidays)
– 10% discount on dive courses (list below)
– 10% discount on leisure diving activities

PADI Courses (all full dive courses include the student manual)

Discover Scuba Diving (Beach) MYR 200.00
Discover Scuba Diving (Boat) MYR 250.00
Discover Scuba Diving (Pool/Boat) MYR 330.00
PADI DSD – 1 x Extra Boat Dive MYR 150.00
PADI DSD – 2 x Extra Boat Dives MYR 260.00
B&J Refresher Dive MYR 160.00 1 dive including important scuba skills review
PADI Reactivate Refresher Course MYR 400.00
Bubble Maker MYR 175.00
Seal Team Diver MYR 750.00
Scuba Diver MYR 800.00
Scuba Diver upgrade to OWD MYR 650.00
Open Water MYR 1,100.00
Open Water eLearning MYR 920.00
Open Water & Adv. Open Water MYR 1,850.00
Open Water & Nitrox MYR 1,650.00
Open Water Referral 1 MYR 650.00
Open Water Referral 2 MYR 650.00
Open Water Referral 3 MYR 850.00
Open Water Referral 4 MYR 1,000.00
Adventure Dive (1 Dive) MYR 180.00
Adventure Diver MYR 700.00
Adventure Diver upgrade to AOW MYR 500.00
Advanced Open Water MYR 900.00
Advanced Open Water eLearning MYR 720.00
Advanced Open Water & Nitrox MYR 1,450.00
EFR MYR 400.00
Rescue Diver MYR 1,100.00
Rescue Diver eLearning MYR 920.00
EFR + Rescue MYR 1,400.00
Dive Master MYR 3,500.00
Dive Master without manuals MYR 3,000.00

Discount terms

  • To redeem a discount provide your AWE365 membership number
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Dive Tioman Resort room discounts not applicable on public holidays

Dive Tioman Discount: 10% off Scuba Diving: From RM150 to RM3,500
Save up to RM350 (max saving per person)
Discount 10%

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RM150 to RM3,500 Save up to RM350
From RM150 to RM3,500 Dive Tioman discount: 10%
Save up to RM350 (max saving per person)

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