Alex Pastor Kite Club Discount: 10% off Kitesurfing

€80 to 210
Alex Pastor Kite Club Discount: 10% off Kitesurfing


Discover Kiteboarding at Alex Pastor Kite Club, the 2013 World Champion’s kite center in Tarifa. At Alex Pastor Kite Club we have a team of very passionate professionals ready to advise and introduce you to this awesome sport. All our instructors are professionals with years of experience and instructed by the IKO and Spanish Sailing Federation. At our pro shop you will find the best equipment from Airush, Lion, ION and Vans, brands that made possible that Alex became Kiteboarding World Champion.

Here you have a brief description of our 3 day course so that you have a better idea of what we would like you to join us for…

1st Day
This will be your welcome day to a new sport and quite possibly a new life style! We consider this day crucial as the feeling you get the first day you hook up to a kite and start feeling the wind and its pull will not only stay with you forever it will also have a big impact on how much you like the sport or not. As always the lesson will be as interactive, hands-on and fun as we can possibly make it. You will be able to check the essential safety aspects and set-up of the spot you want to kite in, wind types and directions, sea conditions etc. You will understand fully how to set-up and latter pack down your gear. We run you through all the security systems and once you have tested these you will understand why now a days kite is a very safe sport. We can then move onto teaching you basic flying and control of your kite on the beach where you will get those so important initial feelings of finally being hooked into a kite! By the end of the lesson you will be able to move around on the beach while controlling your kite and how to launch and land your kite safely.

You will then be ready to get into the water with your new toy!!

2nd Day
The next step is where things start to get even more exciting! You will learn how to body drag in the water, this means using the traction of the kite to move around in the water with out the board. You will also learn how to re-launch your kite when it falls in the water, how to choose the direction you want to go in and fully understand how to control the kite and its power. Once you have mastered both downwind and upwind body drag you will be able to start with the board! You will need to practice entering and exting the water with your board, putting it on in the water and being able to control your body position and kite whilst having the board on. We can then go for it and waterstart… First water starts on the board are an extremely gratifying moment for both you and us! The face of a student when they first feel they are gliding over the water on their board is priceless!!! 😉

3rd Day
Now that you are starting to ride on the board we can focus on getting you to have good control once its time to stop! Once you are able to go in both directions consistently and come to a controlled stop we can start to concentrate on your body position and board direction. This way you will be able to start going up-wind so that you will be able to come back to the beach at the same point you left it… Once you succeed doing this you will be an independent kiter and will be able to practice kite safely when ever the conditions allow you to do so!!!
We also help you to understand what type, size and set-up of gear you should use not only keeping in mind your level and the conditions but also the style of kite you want to progress towards and how to choose the correct gear from the wide range availabile on the market today.

Advanced Lessons
We are always happy to see our old students come back wanting to improve their skills in some particular aspect. We have Freeride, Freestyle and Wave Riding tailor made lessons on offer. We also help setting up down-winders and trips so please contact us with your ideal kite session / lesson / trip and we will set it up for you!!

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Alex Pastor Kite Club Discount: 10% off Kitesurfing: From €80 to €210
Save up to €21 (max saving per person)
Discount 10%

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€80 to €210 Save up to €21
From €80 to €210 Alex Pastor Kite Club discount: 10%
Save up to €21 (max saving per person)

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