Active365 discount: 8% off Cetina River rafting in Croatia

€60 to 60
Active365 discount: 8% off Cetina River rafting in Croatia


Come and escape the humdrum of daily routine with an extraordinary experience Cetina River rafting in Croatia. The two parts of Cetina river are just 42km from Split town and it is ideal for both family trips and those those who are looking for an adrenaline fix.

This day trip is so much more than a simple rafting excursion. It’s a fun outing in which you can combine some of the best outdoor activities into one experiencing rafting, cliff jumping, snorkelling and hiking (hill climbing).

This part of the Cetina River starts at an altitude of more than 100 metres and boasts many rapids and cliff jumping points. So this adventure is unforgettable and completely different to anything else you’ll experience in Omis.

You’ll go Cetina river rafting in Croatia between Blato na Cetini and Zadvarje Village. The length of this section is 9.5 km long with rapids that are classed 2-3. The biggest rapid is a breath-taking 4 metre drop surrounded by cliffs, in a 40-150 metre deep canyon.

Water sport fans can go snorkelling in crystal clear water and the more audacious can jump from cliffs that range between heights of 4-12 metres. The fun outing will come to an end with a hill climb, now that’s what they call finishing on a high note!

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Active365 discount: 8% off Cetina River rafting in Croatia: From €60 to €60
Save up to €4.8 (max saving per person)
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€60 to €60 Save up to €4.8
From €60 to €60 Active365 discount: 8%
Save up to €4.8 (max saving per person)

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