Diani Beach kitesurfing in Kenya – the perfect kite spot?

Jul 31, 2013 BY Kris Goodbody

Kenya has got a lot to offer. There’s the bustling city of Nairobi, safaris and the starting point for a Kilimanjaro adventure. However, it also happens to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 1,500 kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline fringed with white sand and turquoise waters, to be exact. To top it all off, it’s battered by amazingly reliable trade winds meaning the kitesurfing in Kenya is another great reason to visit.

Diani beach kitesurfing in Kenya flickr image by Loupiot77

The trade winds are a tonic for those of us used to relying on northern Europe’s take on the weather. The wind starts blowing from the northeast in October and blows a more or less constant 20 knots until it blows out in April. Then it switches 180° and starts blowing from the southwest from May back to October. This was good news for 18th century traders making their way back and forth to India, and it’s even better news for anyone kitesurfing in Kenya today.

The joys of Diani beach kitesurfing in Kenya

One of the most popular areas to go kitesurfing in Kenya is Diani beach, in the deep south near Tanzania. Diani beach kitesurfing has all of Kenya’s typical wildness – baboons running free in the streets, Masai tribesmen guarding the roads and mango stalls at every turn. Though there are also a good amount of western comforts available to the discerning traveller.

Diani beach kitesurfing in Kenya Wikimedia image by Grierhh

A fantastic mix of this local wildness, creature comforts and world-class kitesurfing is to be found at Kenyaways Kite Village, right in the centre of Diani. This is a little home grown hotel-cum-kite school that won’t break the bank while still offering everything that’s needed. It also backs directly onto an archetypal paradise beach, wide open to the trade winds.

On this particular stretch of Diani beach the flat water is a thing of beauty. When the tide drops, a huge reef turns everything on its inside into a glassy lagoon while also working as a great breakwater for the Indian Ocean swell. That means you get both a flatwater freestyle session and a wave odyssey for the price of one. Enough to leave a man trembling like a newborn calf with the excitement of it all.

What to do when it’s not windy

When the breeze isn’t playing ball, which is very rare thanks to the trade winds, Diani’s inhabitants are never short of an adventure. There’s SUP safaris and five hour snorkel sessions, monkey baiting and coconut picking, fishing, drinking, and the occasional beach volleyball game that would put the cast of Top Gun to shame. Of course you could also go on a Kenyan safari.

Diani beach kitesurfing in Kenya flickr image by Victor O'

There are many places in the world that offer powerful regular winds, flat water and waves all in one spot. But there are very few that offer all this in tropical conditions on a beautiful beach and are not crowded with kites. Kitesurfing in Kenya you’ll be blessed with these incredible conditions and if you take a Diani Beach kitesurfing trip you will notice there are no crowds on the water but the bars are packed. Making it the perfect kite spot.

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