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Sitting between China and India, Nepal is a thrill seekers dream. Time spent on the frantic streets of Kathmandu is often how visitors start their Nepal adventure travel experience, but for those really seeking to push themselves to their limit there is probably nowhere better on Earth. Of all the outdoor activities in Nepal, trekking is perhaps the most popular - this could be the best ... +






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The Best Treks in Nepal: Top 10 Nepalese Trekking Routes

With one third of the Himalayas found within Nepal’s borders, including eight of the world’s fourteen tallest mountains, it’s...

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Best trekking holidays: Most iconic treks by continent

Deciding the best trekking holidays and most iconic treks by continent, is daunting. Actually it is a mountainous task. I have done...

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Destinations: Africa, Alaska, Alps, Andes, Anti Atlas +
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Extreme RTW Travel: Ultimate Round the World Trip for Adventure

When booking a vacation we all have a budget. But what if price was no object and you could plan the ultimate round the world trip for...

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