Lake Michigan adventure travel & outdoor activities

Would you like to find something exciting to do in Lake Michigan? Then you have come to the right place. The range of outdoor activities in Lake Michigan is incredible! This guide to Lake Michigan adventure travel looks to cover every activity you can do there. So below you'll find adventure holidays and vacations in Lake Michigan, c... +

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Best Michigan adventure sports: Top 19 MI activity holidays in USA

Blessed with lakes, mountains, forests, warm summers and cold winters, the best Michigan adventure sports offer plenty of variety. If...

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Best USA kitesurfing destinations: 10 kite spots to rock

The United States is a huge piece of real estate. There are multiple oceans, lakes, rivers, lagoons and various flood plains that make...

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Five of the best US windsurfing holiday spots

Originally called sail boarding, windsurfing was invented by an innovative young man called S. Newman Darby. Legend has it that Darby...

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