Interlaken adventure travel & outdoor activities

Would you like to find something exciting to do in Interlaken? Then you have come to the right place. The range of outdoor activities in Interlaken is incredible! This guide to Interlaken adventure travel looks to cover every activity you can do there. So below you'll find adventure holidays and vacations in Interlaken, courses and l... +




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Best Extreme Sports in Switzerland: Top 27 Swiss Adventure Activities

No where screams 'Alps' like Switzerland. And when the mountains are calling it is good to know that the best extreme sports in...

Activities: BMX, +
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Luxury Skiing in Switzerland: 8 Reasons Swiss Ski Luxe is the Best

Switzerland is known for attracting wealthy travellers from all over the globe that are looking for an upper-class treatment. But why...

Activities: Heli Ski / Board, +
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Review of Interlaken snowboarding holiday in Jungfrau, Switzerland

Some snowboard trips are just different. It would be easy to rank them as better or worse than other vacations but that does everyone a...

Activities: Skydiving, +
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