Hong Kong adventure travel & outdoor activities

Would you like to find something exciting to do in Hong Kong? Then you have come to the right place. The range of outdoor activities in Hong Kong is incredible! This guide to Hong Kong adventure travel looks to cover every activity you can do there. So below you'll find adventure holidays and vacations in Hong Kong, courses and lesso... +

Latest Adventure Articles

Guide to Hong Kong skydive holidays

Hong Kong skydive holidays have changed a great deal since the governance of the island was handed over from the UK to China. The...

Activities: Skydiving,
Destinations: Asia, China, Hong Kong
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The longest overland holidays by tour operators

Overland tours are an incredible way to see the world. It’s only by travelling overland – either in or on a bus, car, train, horse...

Activities: Overlanding,
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Guide to Hong Kong trekking holidays

Hong Kong is not the first place many people would think about when planning a trekking holiday. But Hong Kong has much more to offer...

Activities: Trekking,
Destinations: Asia, Hong Kong
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