Honduras adventure travel & outdoor activities

Would you like to find something exciting to do in Honduras? Then you have come to the right place. The range of outdoor activities in Honduras is incredible! This guide to Honduras adventure travel looks to cover every activity you can do there. So below you'll find adventure holidays and vacations in Honduras, courses and lessons i... +




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What is enriched air diving? Why do a speciality Nitrox scuba dive course?

What is enriched air diving? Put simply, enriched air is any air mix with extra Oxygen added. Diving with a higher percentage of Oxygen...

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Review of Utila Dive Center: Honduras scuba diving holiday in Utila

Are you planning a Honduras scuba diving holiday in Utila? If you are looking for more information read this review of Utila Dive...

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Best spring break adventures: Top 10 Easter activity vacations for students

Spring break is a traditional vacation time for US college students. Many head off partying in Florida, but others are looking for...

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