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Sitting at the very south of Spain is the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Thanks to its tiny size and the narrow straight of water where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar adventure travel opportunities are limited. However this tiny peninsula is a unique combination of beautiful scenery, rich heritage and, of course, spectacular weather - there are many outdoor... +

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European scuba diving holidays: 12 best dive spots in Europe

When you’re planning a diving trip, European scuba diving holidays are probably not top of your list. But from wrecks and caves to...

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Guide to Gibraltar sailing breaks

Lying between Europe and Africa, with the calm waters of the Mediterranean to one side, and the wild Atlantic to the other, it's not...

Activities: Sailing,
Destinations: Europe, Gibraltar
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Guide to Gibraltar windsurfing holidays

There is more to Gibraltar than its famous Rock. The Straits of Gibraltar, the narrow strip of water that separates Europe from Africa,...

Activities: Windsurfing,
Destinations: Europe, Gibraltar
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