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There are a huge range of adventure articles in Fiji to choose from. Lucky for you this is the right place to find what you are looking for. Working with hundreds of companies our selection of Fiji activity articles is one of the largest on the web. Use the blue menus to narrow down your search by selecting an activity, alternatively use them to change the destination or to swap to ot... +

Planning a meaningful adventure? 11 best countries to volunteer

Travelling for pure adventure is great, but combining activities with volunteering takes travel to another level. If you are...

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Scuba dive with sharks: 10 best shark diving spots worldwide

Most divers want to scuba dive with sharks. If you listen to divers that've just surfaced, they'll be excitedly comparing...

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Interview with Anna Campbell: Kitesurfing conservationist

Kitesurfing conservationist, wakeboarder, SUPer, freelance producer and TV presenter, Anna Campbell mixes her love of sports...

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5 wilderness kayaking holidays where you won’t see anyone else

Part of the thrill of kayaking is that it takes you places you simply can’t get to by any other means. Which means that on...

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10 great kitesurfing holidays outside Europe

What does it take to make a great kitesurfing destination? Is it only a question of great wind and water conditions? Is the...

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Guide to Fiji kiteboarding holidays

A Fiji Kitesurfing trip is one which will take you to some of the remotest spots you will ever kitesurf. Found amongst the...

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Guide to Fiji rock climbing holidays

Fiji is one of the South Pacific's favourite holiday islands. It has all the cliché good looks you'd expect: white sand...

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Guide to Fiji paraglide holidays

Lying in the warmth of the South Pacific, Fiji’s islands are the stuff of dreams. Fringed by stunning beaches and clear...

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