Desert island survival adventure: Castaway simulation

Dec 12, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Ever wondered how you would get on in a disaster situation? Well in this castaway simulation, No Roads Expeditions take you on a desert island survival adventure. How will you cope on Survivor Island?

Desert island survival adventure Castaway simulation

Although you will be going Robinson Crusoe on a beautiful South Pacific island this is not a holiday. The experience will test your both physically and mentally, surviving is hard work.

At times you’ll be hot and at others cold. It’s likely you’ll also be hungry and thirsty. Exposed to the elements this unique experience by No Roads Expeditions will force you to step out of your comfort zone.

Castaway simulation

To make the castaway simulation as realistic as possible, you will arrive on the island with nothing but the clothes on your back. If you are lucky you will have something useful in your pockets, for everything else you’ll need to scavenge the island and see what is washed up on the shoreline.

Desert island survival adventure: Castaway simulation

You will need to create shelter, make fire, forage or catch food and most importantly find water to drink. There is no fresh water on the island, so coconut water, collected rainwater and desalination of seawater will be your only options.

For food there are coconuts, some edible plants, a couple of small wild pigs plus plenty of fish and crustaceans in the sea. But with minimal tools catching anything will be a serious challenge, and without knowledge of what to eat or how to prepare it you may well go hungry.

Desert island survival adventure

Fortunately you won’t be alone on Survivor Island. There will be up to six survivors in this castaway simulation. So you’ll need to work with a group of strangers in order to survive.

Desert island survival adventure: Castaway simulation

There will also be a survival expert accompanying you. But don’t expect this former member of the French Special Forces to make the desert island survival adventure easy. He is only there to make sure you don’t do something really stupid that endangers you or the group.

The expert is more of a sounding board for your ideas, he’ll help guide your plans rather than teach you how to survive. He will also be able to provide emergency help if needed, and for safety is in contact with base camp who can be with you in two hours if required.

Survivors from Survivor Island

Last year No Roads ran their inaugural Survivor Island trip and three lucky guests tried out the castaway simulation. You can find out how they got on in this great video.

The location of the island is top secret. However it is in the Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific. It’s your typical desert island with beautiful sandy beach, swaying palm trees and offshore reef.

Although it may sound like paradise it can feel like a prison. It takes mental strength to cope and physical endurance to succeed. For example it took last year’s group four days to catch their first fish!

Would you like to test yourself? To find out what you are made of on a Desert island survival adventure? The next Survivor Island trips run 3-14 Apr 2018 and 13-24 Nov 2018. You can find out more by visiting No Roads Expeditions:

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