Deal of the month: $1,700 off adventure in remote Alaskan lodge

Mar 20, 2023 BY Paul McWilliams

Want to experience stunning and serene wilderness on an adventure in a remote Alaskan lodge? Then you can do just that with our deal of the month! This incredible five-night deal comes with four and a half days of fishing and activities, deep in the heart of the Alaskan wild – one of the last great unexplored wildernesses on the planet.

adventure in remote Alaskan lodge Anvik River lodge

Experience life in the wild

Situated on the northwest extreme of the continent, Alaska is by far the largest state in the US. It’s also one of the least populated, with fewer than a million people calling it home.

That means huge parts of Alaska are untouched by humans, with vast swathes of pristine country, much of it unexplored or completely deserted. All of which makes it the ideal place to really get away from the stress and strain of the modern world.

Of course, there is getting away from it all and there is really getting away from it all. And it’s the second version we’re offering with this deal of the month.

adventure in remote Alaskan lodge Anvik River lodge

This five-night break at the Anvik River Lodge will transport you 450 miles north of Anchorage, the state’s biggest city. You’ll be located on the Anvik River in an exceptionally remote lodge.

It is the only lodge on the entire river, with your nearest neighbours 75 miles away. Organising this kind of remote lodge experience would be very difficult without the experts at Anvik River Lodge to help.

Getting to the remote Alaskan lodge

All you need to do is get yourself to Anchorage and they’ll take care of everything from there. But the journey itself is an adventure. You’ll catch a privately chartered flight with stunning views and then finish the journey by boat.

adventure in remote Alaskan lodge Anvik River lodge

Upon arrival at the lodge, you’ll discover that you more or less have your own private fishing reserve, with no one else within 100 miles to steal your catch.Plus, you’ll have four and a half days to enjoy it, as well as a choice of other activities such as walks, boating and trap and skeet shooting.

You can spot Moose, bears, wolves, lynx, beavers, otter, porcupine, martin and wolverine. Plus birds of prey such as eagles, falcon, owls and hawks call it home with more than 60 species of migratory and resident birds to be seen.

Your hosts will be the Hickson family, owners and custodians of this remarkable location. They treasure this special place but also want to share it with likeminded people looking to get back to nature and experience life in tandem with the surrounding wilderness. That’s why you’ll come as a guest but leave as part of the family.

Fishing at Anvik River Lodge In alaska

Adventure in remote Alaskan lodge: What’s included?

Included in the Anvik Lodge package is your private plane and boat charter to the lodge. Plus all meals and snacks. There are even complimentary cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks.

You’ll be staying in comfortable and spacious guest rooms and have use of all the fishing gear you need. Plus you’ll have your own guide to the river and the best fishing spots.

There’s daily housekeeping and laundry, free WiFi, and even a steam lodge. So, you might be away from the modern world but you do get to enjoy a few little luxuries during your stay. It is a holiday after all.

Northern Pike and Anvik River Lodge

The $1,700 off deal of the month

If you want to experience an adventure in a remote Alaskan lodge, then this month’s deal is half price on the 2nd person. So rather than paying $6,850 per person it works out at $5,150 each for five nights and four and a half days accommodation and activities.

To take advantage of this massive 25% off ($1,700) saving visit and mention AWE365 when booking. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a true wilderness experience in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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