Review of Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens: Benchetler Signature Series

Mar 09, 2020 BY Luke Rees

I usually snowboard in gloves rather than mittens. But this season I gave these Grateful Dead Benchetler Signature Series mitts a chance. Find out how I got on in this Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens review.

Benchetler Signature Series dakine team baron

Gloves vs mittens

When I first went snowboarding I purchased gloves and have worn gloves ever since. Some of my friends much prefer mittens and have been badgering me to try them for years.

So I bit the bullet this season and gave them a go during a snowboarding holiday in Saalbach. When I first tried on the Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens I thought they are very comfy.

However I wasn’t sure I liked having the freedom to wriggle my fingers around inside the mitts. But my buddies have told me that is one of the primary advantages of mittens. That it makes them feel more natural and less restrictive. So I persevered.

Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens review

Despite not initially being a huge fan of wearing mittens I was very impressed with the quality of the Team Baron Mitts. As always with Dakine products they have used high quality materials and thought about every aspect of the design.

Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens review Benchetler Signature Series

The two year warranty shows Dakine believe these gloves are built to last. Having used them I would have to agree.

The soft brown goats leather looks good. Furthermore the iconic steal-your-face Grateful Dead graphic lends the Team Baron Benchetler Signature Series mitts extra kudos.

Fit and comfort

When you first slip these Baron mitts on the wool blend lining is deliciously soft and comfy. I have to say compared to putting on gloves they are far easier. 

The cuff is elasticated and simply stretches over your hands. This makes them very easy to put on. The removable elastic wrist leash is comfy and if you use them it means you won’t lose the mittens.

Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens rear

Despite a good fit I found being about wriggle my fingers against each other slightly disconcerting. At first I wore them with Dakine Wrist Guards. The fit was slightly tight with both on as the wrist guard continues under the elasticated section of the mitts.

During this Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens review I found the mitts and the wrist guards are comfy on their own. But in combination I wasn’t a fan as they just didn’t feel right. So most of the time I rode without wrist protection – the first time in nearly 20 years.

Warmth and waterproofness

While comfort is important if they don’t keep you warm and dry any gloves or mittens are useless. But these Benchetler Signature Series mitts feature waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liners. They also have PrimaLoft® Gold insulation.

Having snowboarded in the Dakine Team Baron Mitts in everything from -15°C blizzard to 15°C slush fest I can confirm they keep you warm. But due to the breathability my hands didn’t get sweaty even when things got hot.

Testing Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens Benchetler Signature Series in Saalbach

I have ridden in snow, wind and rain and my hands have stayed dry. The Durable Water Repellent treatment means water beads off. Combined with the goat leather and Gore-Tex there seems no danger of them letting moisture in. 

Dexterity and grip

My biggest concern with wearing mittens instead of gloves is the dexterity. Although the supple goat leather with 4-way stretch gives for plenty of movement you can do less with your hands wearing mittens compared to gloves. 

While ski gloves are never the easiest to perform actions mittens are worse. I could still work my bindings without any issues but using zips was certainly not as easy, and some zips I could not work at all.

Getting a tissue out of my pocket to blow my nose is something I can do wearing gloves. However it was impossible with mitts.

testing Dakine Benchetler Signature Series doing up snowboard bindings

That said the Gore Grip technology on the Team Barons is very good. I had no problem clinging to a drag lift so I am sure they would be great holding ski poles.

Benchetler Signature Series Mitts: Conclusion

Ultimately I am not a fan of mittens. It seems I prefer the restrictive nature of gloves as they feel more secure. Also the reduced dexterity really got on my nerves.

But none of that is the fault of these Benchetler Signature Series mittens. If you are a fan of mitts then you will be very happy with these. My mitt loving friend tried them on and said they were the most comfy mittens he had ever worn.

To conclude this Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens review I’d say if you like mittens you will love these. Personally I didn’t like them but I have discovered I am a fan of gloves.

Dakine Team Baron Gore-tex Mittens front

But as mittens go they look good, are warm, breathable and waterproof. The materials are soft and supple and along with all Dakine gear they are very well made. So these would be a good purchase if you are after mittens.

The RRP is £115 and they also come in an alternative block Elias Elhardt version. If you want to get your hands on a pair or these Benchetler Signature Series Mitts go to:


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