Dainese Action Short Evo review: Testing snowboard crash pants

Feb 18, 2019 BY Luke Rees

Having been snowboarding for nearly two decades I recently wore impact shorts for the first time. Check out this Dainese Action Short Evo review to find out how I got on testing snowboard crash pants.

Review of Snowparking: More Mountain snowboard camp in Morzine rock drop photo by Number97 Thomas Humpage Photography 2

A lot of the guys I snowboard with wear impact shorts, and they are certainly good for beginners. Although I still fall a fair amount I have never felt the need wear them and even when I land on my arse I have never hurt my coccyx.

However, in January I joined the Snowparking snowboard camp in Morzine which would include a lot of freestyle. As I would be hitting kickers, boxes and rails extra protection would be in order!

Testing snowboard crash pants

So I ordered knee, back and bottom protection from Dainese. I was hoping not to test them, but a couple of incidents lead to me putting them through their paces.

Getting a 360 wrong off a kicker I came down hard on my arse. I have never been kicked in the anus but despite wearing impact shorts that’s how it felt. It was painful but short lived, and thankfully there was no damage done.

During this Dainese Action Short Evo review I also came down hard on my bottom on a rail. I did an embarrassing bum slide before shooting off the end to hit the snow with my arse. Again it felt like I’d been kicked in the anus, but again it didn’t last long.

Rail in Chapelle Park, Avoriaz, Photo by Numero97 Photography

In both incidents I think I would have survived without any broken bones. But I suspect that the impact shorts saved me from a badly bruised posterior.

Having said that the initial impact was possibly more painful because of the position of the coccyx protector. It didn’t stop me snowboarding, but for a brief period I thought it was going to be bad.

Dainese Action Short Evo review

In total I spent a week testing snowboard crash pants, back protector and knee pads. Below are my thoughts on different elements of the Action Short Evo impact pants.


The Action Sport Evo come up a bit small. I have a 33 to 34 inch (87cm) waist which puts me in the medium size. I heard they come up small so I got large and they were still very tight.

They were tight enough to be uncomfortable the first couple of days. After they they stretched a little and although they were no longer uncomfortable I always knew they were there.

Dainese Action Short Evo review Testing snowboard crash pants Front

The elastic mesh material is very breathable, so despite wearing an extra layer I didn’t feel like these crash pants made me too hot. They are great when sitting in the snow or on a cold chairlift as the impact material provides extra insulation.


When you need to relieve yourself these Dainese impact shorts have a fly. This easy to use when all you are wearing is the Dainese crash pants.

But being tight and over the top of either underpants or thermals it was a right faff to go for a wee. Add getting through the fly of ski trousers I found it rather difficult to get into my undies to do my business.

Furthermore, at the end of the day I couldn’t wait to take them off. This meant I turned down getting beers straight off the slopes a couple of times. Very unlike me and not exactly convenient if you have to nip home before apres.


Dainese Action Short Evo review Testing snowboard crash pants rear

This Dainese Action Short Evo review would not be complete without talking about the protection they provide. After all that is why I got them.

They combine polypropylene tailbone pad which protects the Coccyx, with
polypropylene thigh plate and soft hip and buttock pads. As mentioned the tailbone and buttock protection helped save me from bottom bruises.

While testing these snowboard crash pants I didn’t need the hip or thigh protection. But having landed on those areas in the past I could have saved myself a bad bruise if wearing these snowboard impact shorts.

Overall I am impressed with the level of protection. If you have a prominent coccyx or a bony bum then impact pants are are almost a requirement. I won’t wear them day to day but I would certainly wear them when hitting the park.

Dainese snowboard crash pants: Conclusion

Since my week on the Snowparking snowboard camp I have not worn these Dainese impact shorts again. But then I have been not been doing freestyle so don’t feel I need the extra protection.

Windlip photo during review of Snowparking More Mountain snowboard camp in Morzine photo by Number97 Thomas Humpage Photography

The protection provided is very good, but the fact they are not hugely comfy or very convenient means I won’t wear them all the time. The comfort is the biggest issue for me, despite going a size up from my waist they were still very tight.

Although the fit didn’t affect my snowboarding, when sat on chairlifts, at lunch or when going to the toilet I found them annoying. So to conclude this Dainese Action Short Evo review, I’d say they provide great protection but make sure you try them on before buying.

The RRP of these snowboard impact shores is £89.50: www.dainese.com/action-short-evo/


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