Croatia sailing holidays: Why the Croatian coast is made to sail

Nov 03, 2017 BY Luke Rees

With over 12,000 islands and 1,700 kilometers of coastline its safe to say the Croatian coast is made to sail. With this area of the Adriatic Sea known as “where the Mediterranean is as it once was” Croatia sailing holidays offer an unforgettable experience.

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As a result, sailing in Croatia is becoming more and more popular, with sailors both new and old flocking here seeking an idyllic mediterranean sailing experience. The amount of repeat visitors is testament that most sailors find what they are looking for.

Why the Croatian coast is made to sail

Croatia sailing holidays are so good because the whole coastline is set up to welcome sailors. It has around 100 marinas and nautical ports with over 12,000 berths and more than 4,000 charter boats available. So you will never be far from a welcome stop at the end of a days sailing.

All this is easily accessible, thanks to the wealth of international airports in Croatia and highways that serve the coastal areas. Budget airlines fly from most of Europe to the major coastal hubs so it is easy to find a marina within easy reach of your arrival.

Another reason the Croatian coast is made to sail, is it’s easy to start at one end and work your way up or down the coast depending on the prevailing wind during your visit. From north to south the following international airports make a good start or end to your trip: Pula, Zadar, Split, Brac, Dubrovnik.

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From April to November the weather conditions are perfect for heading out onto the water. The wind normally blows steadily from morning till evening. So you can enjoy an entire day of sailing, which is a good thing, as you’ll need all of the time you can get to see as much of the Croatian coast as possible.

Croatia sailing holidays

Some of the biggest draws of Croatia sailing holidays are the crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and lovely climate. And of course, the fact that with over 2,700 hours of sunshine per year, means Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest countries.

Visitors can expect on average 12 hours of sunshine per day through May and June, and 13 in July and August. That is more than Corfu, the French Riviera and much more than the UK! It’s the kind of place you’ll daydream about when you’re stuck back in the office looking out at dreary, grey skies.

Just as warm as the weather is the local hospitality. An increase in the importance of nautical tourism has lead to improved provisions for those exploring the country’s islands and secluded bays. And every year the standards are pushed higher.

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The quality of the service in Croatian marinas is comparable to if not better than other Mediterranean sailing destinations. Furthermore, the quality and range of charter options is second to none. If you have the sailing experience then a yacht charter is the best option.

Sail the Med as it was

Over 2000 years of vibrant history has left a significant legacy in Croatia. With influence from ancient Greece, Rome and Venice, the quality of architecture and artifacts to view is truly remarkable.

This wealth of culture is shown by the fact that Croatia has eight UNESCO world heritage sites. But unlike some other Mediterranean destinations, in Croatia they have not become slaves to tourism. It feels more natural and authentic and how the Med was before tourism took over.

As in other parts of the Mediterranean, the local cuisine is packed with fresh local ingredients and fish straight from the sea. Croatia also has good local wine, which is best enjoyed of a beautiful evening, from the deck of your Yacht as you watch the sunset.

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Away from the water

Croatia’s rich cultural heritage and fun loving population means there are plenty of sporting, cultural and social events throughout the year. From art exhibits to techno festivals and local religious celebrations to international conferences there is bound to be something that floats your boat!

If you have the opportunity, be sure to attend local events. It is a great way to get involved in Croat life and to experience a real insight into Croatian society. And if you’re lucky enough to find one of the a friendly tavernas serving ice-cold homemade lemonade, be sure to try it.

If it’s a bit of peace and quiet that you are after, take a break from Croatia sailing holidays to visit one of the eight national parks or eleven nature parks spread along the coast – seven of which are accessible from the sea. Here you will find unspoiled landscapes scattered with picturesque villages and ecological preservations.

While the incredible Croatian coast is made to sail, its diverse natural resources are made to explore and its cities are both made to party and full of culture. Sailing in Croatia is much more than exploring its beautiful beaches, clear waters and stunning coast, which is what makes it so good.

We hope you found this introduction to sailing in Croatia interesting. If you want to find out more check out our article about the top sailing destinations in Croatia.

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