Whitewater (Swiftwater) Rescue & Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado

Whitewater (Swiftwater) Rescue & Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado with Dvorak Expeditions offers professional instruction with nearly every river activity imaginable.

3 days
$285 to 750

Whitewater (Swiftwater) Rescue & Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado with Dvorak Expeditions offers professional instruction with nearly every river activity imaginable.


From Swiftwater Rescue (SRT I, II, Advanced for the agency and official types) to River Rescue Courses (RRC/Pro for professional and private boaters alike). And from Technical Rope Rescue (practical knowledge for the vertical world), kayak, rafting, SUP (stand up paddleboard), fly fishing, to raft guide training (RGT the most intensive and all-inclusive in the United States it includes the RRCP).

From introductory half-day lessons to comprehensive multi-day courses, we guarantee that we have the course to suit your needs.

Paddlers from novice boaters to experienced guides and professional fire and rescue personnel have participated in our instructional clinics to expand their whitewater skills. Learn basic fundamentals and take on progressively greater challenges to achieve your goals through our professional, personalized instruction.

DVK whitewater rescue instructors have thousands of hours of teaching experience and hundreds of thousands in combined river miles to their credit. With excellent communication skills, they will guide you through the technical and behavioural judgment calls you need to successfully guide the craft of your choice on the river.

Combining the most applicable techniques of many rescue disciplines. These whitewater rafting courses cover many ways to affect the river and flood rescues. The primary objective, however, remains to assure the safety of the rescuers themselves – since so many injuries and deaths during river rescues have been due to the well-intention of rescuers.

Instructors teach and participate in many seminars and conferences, and learn from their students as well, keeping the program at the state-of-the-art. By operating in the field of rescue, traveling the world, and practicing/experiencing new techniques RESCUE 3 International and Sierra Rescue continue to make their certified courses the most up to date and state of the art curriculum available.

Price Includes

  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Training manuals
  • Most technical gear
  • prerequisites required for students are the students be in reasonable physical conditions, have basic strong swimming abilities and have current medical coverage.

Price Excludes

  1. Drysuit or Full Wetsuit! (Drysuits are always recommended because we spend so much time getting in and out of the water and the weather is always variable). Drysuits can be rented from DVK: We highly recommend this option as we have NEVER had any problems with PRS drysuits!!
  2. PFD: Type 3 or Type 5 with whistle and knife
  3. Helmet: Lightweight swiftwater or climbing helmet
  4. Footwear: Hard soled wetsuit booties or good shoes for walking in the river and on the banks with wool socks and/or wetsuit socks
  5. Personal throw bag: Bring the bag you use on the river
  6. 2 locking carabiners
  7. Wetsuit gloves ( optional)
  8. Food and water: Lunch, snacks and water for each day!
  9. Extra warm clothes
  10. Any other river gear/ rescue gear you normally boat with: This course encourages folks to bring the tools they boat with. If you bring it boating, bring it to the class!
  11. Kayak and paddle (optional): Please bring if you are a kayaker
  12. Pulleys, prussic, webbing (optional): Again, please bring the gear you use on the river. NOTE: This course is a good time to figure out what you want to add or subtract to your personal gear. Bring what you would have with you as a guide or kayaker.

What to expect

Outline of  the Whitewater (Swiftwater) Rescue & Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado:

• Introductions and paperwork
• A new way of thinking about rescue
• Understanding: LAST: Locate, Access, Stabilize, and Transport
• Review of skills and options:
• Advanced swimming; aggressive, defensive, barrel roll, swift water entry
• Advanced throw bagging; rope management, decision making, etc.
• Rescue jacket uses and self-rescue; ie; live bait, kayaker extraction, etc.
• Wading and hands-on stabilization
• River rescue scenarios with hands-on practice
• Knots, Hitches, Anchors Review; what you need to know!
• Advanced principles of ropes in river rescue
• Application of simple principles in effective ways
• Paddling onto the scene – organization and priorities of the rescue
• Kayaker, rafter, cats, etc approach
• Retrieval of people and gear
• Effective search
• Evacuation and decision-making process in the river rescue
• Procedures for extrication/ evacuation
• Advanced pin/ rescue scenarios


Whitewater (Swiftwater) Rescue & Rope Rescue Courses in Colorado: From $285 to $750 for 3 days

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$285 to $750 3 days
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