Turks & Caicos Semi-Private Wing Lesson for all levels

Two students, one instructor. Bring a mate and learn new skills together on this semi-private wing lesson in Turks & Caicos.

2 hours
$200 to 250
Turks & Caicos Semi-Private Wing Lesson for all levels

Get ready for a new adventure! Enjoy a semi-private wing lesson in Turks & Caicos.

During a semi-private wing foil lesson, students will learn the same fundamental skills as in a private lesson, including proper stance, wing handling, board control, reading the wind, and body positioning. However, the instructor will tailor the lesson to the abilities and needs of each student and provide personalized feedback and guidance.

In a semi-private lesson, students can also benefit from observing and learning from each other. Watching another student’s technique and receiving feedback from the instructor on their performance can help accelerate the learning process.

Semi-private lessons are ideal for friends or family members who want to learn together or for individuals who prefer a more social learning environment. They are also a cost-effective option for those who want a more personalized experience than a group lesson without the expense of a private lesson.

Overall, a semi-private wing foil lesson provides an enjoyable and interactive learning experience with individualized instruction and the opportunity to learn from others. With the guidance of a professional instructor, students can progress in their wing foil skills and gain confidence in the water.

Price Includes

  • Equipment and coach

Price Excludes

  1. Transfer

What to expect

Turks & Caicos Semi-Private Wing Lesson for all levels: Schedule

You will be greeted by the Onda team with a smile, sign waivers and then get straight to learning. The lesson will begin with a brief safety overview and discussion of the equipment. Your instructor will demonstrate techniques and provide personalized instruction as you practice getting up on the board, maneuvering with the wing, and controlling your speed and direction. You will learn how to read the wind and adjust maximize your performance.

The lesson is customizable to you. Your instructor will assess your skills and help you learn at your pace.

Six hour package available at a discounted rate


Turks & Caicos Semi-Private Wing Lesson for all levels: From $200 to $250 for 2 hours

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$200 to $250 2 hours
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