Try Dive for beginners in Tenerife, Spain

Immerse yourself in the wonderful underwater world and learn to dive with this diving course for beginners in Tenerife, Spain.

Scuba Diving
3 hours
€70 to 70

Try Dive for beginners in Tenerife, Spain.

If you have never tried diving and you know that your time has come, you can start by trying diving in Tenerife for the first time. No previous experience is necessary, so this experience is suitable for beginners.

The baptism will allow you to explore the seabed in Los Cristianos in a safe and controlled way, with a diving instructor accompanying you at all times. Your only task will be to fully enjoy the aquatic environment and the feeling of floating in space.

You will have your first contact with diving and learn the basic techniques for diving and communicating underwater.

Life is seen differently at a depth. Discovering new ways of life and natural environments will make you connect with nature in a way you’ve never felt before. An experience you won´t forget.

Price Includes

  • Diving equipment
  • SSI certification
  • Diving insurance
  • Basic knowledge of techniques for diving and communicating underwater
  • Instructor
  • Water, Coffee, Beer
  • 1 dive

Price Excludes

  1. Photos

What to expect

Try Dive for beginners in Tenerife, Spain: More information.

The try dive from the shore is available for anyone aged 10 and over.

Your try dive will begin with a detailed explanation from one of our experienced and qualified diving instructors. This briefing will outlining all of the basic safety aspects which you will need to consider to enjoy your dive.

You will be given a brief introduction to the equipment so that you’ll know what you will need to do underwater.

We will bring you to the local beach in Los Cristianos, where you will enter the water and practice a few basic diving skills. This will help you to become comfortable and familiar with the equipment.

Learn about diving and diving equipment and swim with an instructor to a depth of 5 meters. We offer unforgettable diving experiences in the fascinating underwater world.


Try Dive for beginners in Tenerife, Spain: From €70 to €70 for 3 hours

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€70 to €70 3 hours
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