Taghazout Bay Mobility & Surf Lessons in Morocco

The Taghazout Bay mobility & surf lessons are the perfect way to take your surfing to the next level by improving your surf & mobility skills.

1 days
€80 to 150
Taghazout Bay Mobility & Surf Lessons in Morocco

Taghazout Bay Mobility & Surf Lessons in Morocco

This all day clinic will be split into 2 halves: Mobility and Surfing.

Put simply: mobility is the range of motion required to complete a skill while maintaining control throughout. This comes from combining flexibility, strength, reaction, and coordination. The drills are specially designed for surfing on this day and nothing generic.

The other half is the surfing itself: the surf spot around Taghazout Bay will be carefully chosen for the best waves. A quick review of your goal for the day and the corresponding surf skill will be completed prior to paddling out. Once you’re catching waves a photographer will capture the moment for you and the surf coach to review later.

To ensure that every participant will get the maximum amount of attention for their progression, the course has been limited to 6.

Price Includes

  • local transport (pre-arranged pick up and drop off points)
  • lunch
  • surf coaching
  • mobility coaching
  • video analysis
  • surf rental

Price Excludes

  1. breakfast
  2. flights
  3. accommodation
  4. extra water
  5. extra snacks
  6. dinner

What to expect

Taghazout Bay Mobility & Surf Lessons in Morocco: Itinerary

Breakfast is not included, but make sure you have something nutritious to eat for this active day.

Transport in and around Taghazout Bay is included in the day. Participants from Agadir or further, or Imi Ouaddar and further will not be included. A meeting point can be set up in the villages of Taghazout, Tamraght, Aourir, and Anza.

Once everyone has arrived at Yozi's Fitness & Performance's rooftop gym, the mobility session will start. A review of what mobility is and what systems are important for a surfer to focus on will be completed before moving onto the actual mobility session. Mobility techniques will be demonstrated and carefully monitored as the participant moves through the session so that control and focus are maintained.

This mobility session will be approximately 120 minutes.

Following the morning session, the group will break and lunch of local cuisine will be provided. Extra snacks and water is encouraged to be brought so you stay well hydrated and fueled up.

After lunch, the group will head to the chosen surf spot. The surf conditions will have been checked the night before and throughout the morning so ensure you get to surf the best conditions and make the most progress with your surfing.

A quick review of surf goals and techniques associated, as well as some surf theory (if questions arise) will be covered before paddling out. The surf Coach, Rachid, will paddle out with you to give you instant feedback if available as well as having a photographer on the shore to capture your waves.

The surf session will be approximately 2-3 hours so that the surf coach has a chance to review all the footage and provide feedback that evening.

Transport back to the pick up points will be provided and once the participants are home, feedback will be waiting for them that evening.

***private and group sessions available


Taghazout Bay Mobility & Surf Lessons in Morocco: From €80 to €150 for 1 days

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€80 to €150 1 days
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