Spring Climbing & Mountaineering Online Avalanche Safety Course

Learn everything you need to know about avalanche safety and risk management for spring climbing & mountaineering on this 16-hour online course.

16 hours
$149 to 149
Spring Climbing & Mountaineering Online Avalanche Safety Course

This online avalanche safety course for spring climbing & mountaineering teaches the student how to read and interpret weather information, how to predict snow conditions based on that, how to assess risk, and how to either assemble a team for an objective and conditions or to choose the objective/conditions for a team or group.

We also include a separate 2 module course on safe travel considerations and protocols and self-rescue using appropriate gear.

This course does not include field time because in spring this is not so productive. Furthermore accidents usually happen due to a lack of planning. Climbers generally spend a significant amount of time ascending steep terrain without many alternative and without extra time to examine the snow once on route. (Our familiarity with accidents comes for our database of reports on over 2000 incidents spanning almost 30 years. Some of which are used as case studies.)

Price Includes

  • Complete online course with full human support
  • One year membership in the Avalanche Center with the benefits that come with that

Price Excludes

  1. Nothing related to or necessary for the course is omitted.

What to expect

Spring Climbing & Mountaineering Online Avalanche Safety Course: Details

Students work on this at their own pace, which does require a certain amount of commitment. There are short chunks of information presented interspersed here and there with assessments to be sure the content was successfully communicated. Most material is presented in short sections of reading with photos to illustrate points. Assessments may include multiple choice, multi-select, matching, short answer and/or crosswords. We may also have one or two which are submitted via "dropbox" for human evaluation and feedback.

The course is fully supported and there are opportunities to interact with other students and/or an instructor throughout the course. This is not a course which presents a few videos after receiving payment. We know who is in our courses and how they are doing and offer whatever support is required or requested.


Spring Climbing & Mountaineering Online Avalanche Safety Course: From $149 to $149 for 16 hours

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$149 to $149 16 hours
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