Private kitesurf lesson in Tarifa, Spain

2 hours during 1 day individual Kitesurftraining for one person.

2 hours
€120 to 130
Private kitesurf lesson in Tarifa, Spain

This is a very personal and intensive way to learn kite surfing and to improve your kite skills.

With this course we achieve the best progress for your kite skills, it doesn’t matter your level.

This is a one-to-one tuition: the instructor could concentrate only on you and be constantly at your side.

Your previous kite experiences and knowledges would be the base for your personalized course.

So your individual learning presuppositions and progress can be considered and be inserted in the hours course.

The equipment is included during the lesson.

Here in Tarifa, wind and waves conditions are going to change really fast. That’s why we can not plan your lessons much in advance

We are going to tell you day by day our meeting point (if you don’t have a car to reach it don’t worry, we are always happy to give you a ride to the spot) and the planning of the day.

Price Includes

  • Insurances
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Full equipment (including wetsuit)
  • Radio communication
  • Unlimited rescue boat service!

Price Excludes

  1. Refreshments

What to expect

Regarding the objectives of the classes, with the first lessons you will learn to:

- Understand wind direction, wind window and assessing the area for practice
- Correct set up of the equipment
- Use of the safety systems
- Use of international signs in kite boarding
- Basic control of the kite with one hand and two hands on land
- Body drags in the water with one hand and two hands
- Body drag with the board
- First attempts of water starts
- Probably first rides downwind

Our philosophy of a sustainable training should enable every participant to handle kite and board independently and above all safely after the course.


Private kitesurf lesson in Tarifa, Spain: From €120 to €130 for 2 hours

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€120 to €130 2 hours
From €120

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