Kitesurfing Beginners Course in Ometepe, Nicaragua

Ometepe is the best place to learn how to kitesurf! Our kitesurfing beginners course in Nicaragua will make you a kitesurfer!

3 hours
$190 to 570

Kitesurfing beginners course in Ometepe, Nicaragua!

If you have ever dreamed of kite surfing this is the perfect place for you to try it out and learn how to do it. At Ometepe Kite Center we offer a variety of courses customized to your level in order to make you a surfer in the shortest time!
Ometepe Island in the heart of Lake Nicaragua enjoys excellent winds between December and May and provides perfect conditions for learning kitesurfing and surfing.
During the course you will have a professional guide with you who will teach you everything from theory to physical practice and finally surfing independently.
In order to give you the perfect kitesurfing experience, we arranged for you to stay 50 meters from the lake and within walking distance to the school.

3 hours: 190$
6 hours: 330$
9 hours: 450$
12 hours: 570$

Price Includes

  • All the kitesurfing gear ( kite ,bar, board ,harness)
  • Instructor

Price Excludes

  1. A photo album taken by a professional photographer

What to expect

Kitesurfing Beginners Course in Ometepe, Nicaragua: More information.

The course consists of 3 main parts:
The first part is theoretical, in which we will go over the whole theory of kitesurfing, we will talk about potential dangers, winds, rules, etc.
From there we will move on to practice with a small training kite which will give you the initial experience of controlling a kite.
We will continue to assemble the right equipment and go over all the parts we have in the kite.

The second part of the course is very practical! In fact, this is already a real practice with the kite in the water where you will learn to control the kite in the best way, to extract power from it, to pick it up after it has fallen and in fact to prepare you as much as possible for surfing.

The third part focuses on proper and good surfing!
After you have practiced and you have good control of the kite, it is time to surf. The instractor will explain to you the correct technique for surfing and together with you will practice until you are able to surf. This step sometimes takes a little time and some people succeed faster and some people need a little more time to practice.


Kitesurfing Beginners Course in Ometepe, Nicaragua: From $190 to $570 for 3 hours

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$190 to $570 3 hours
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