Kids beginner ski camp in Romania: 3 day skiing course in Poiana Brasov

Kids beginner ski camp in Romania in the Carpathian Mountains. Children improve quickly on this 3 day skiing course in Poiana Brasov.

3 days
€199 to 199

Are your children new to skiing? Are they eager to have fun and to learn how to safely ski all over the mountain? Then enrol them in this Boomerang on Snow (BOS) kids beginner ski camp in Romania. We guarantee to get you children confidently making turns by the end of the camp, if not you get your money back!

Aimed at complete beginners this 3 day skiing course in Poiana Brasov is all about making the most of the time you have in the mountains. Children will learn in a fun group environment which enhances the training delivered by our qualified instructors. Being part of a group makes it more enjoyable and easier to learn.

BOS kids ski camps are designed to get complete beginners skiing in a fun and social environment. The instructors will teach children techniques to overcome technical or psychological barriers all of which helps them to progress quickly.

Poiana Brasov is perfect for beginners and you don\’t need to be in one of the large expensive resorts of  the Alps. In Romaina you\’ll find good value and great instruction so your kids can pick up the sport quickly without it costing you a fortune.

Kids beginner ski camp

We find instruction works best in groups of no more than six children. For optimal learning we provide 9 hours of on snow instruction over 3 days. All class members get in helmet communication so we can provide coaching while the kids are skiing.

BOS kids ski camps deliver long lasting improvements to skiing. This is helped by having two online video analysis sessions following the camp. You just need to send a video of your kids skiing and we will get back to you with feedback and coaching tips. With children this ensures the learning continues throughout a season.

This 3 day skiing course in Romania costs €230 per child.

Price Includes

  • Nine hours on snow instruction
  • In helmet communication
  • Two post training video analysis sessions
  • Three day ski pass
  • Camp limit of six participants
  • 20% off your next program with us

Price Excludes

  1. Ski equipment
  2. Accommodation (contact us for advice and the best deals)
  3. Flights
  4. Insurance

What to expect

The BOS kids beginner ski camp in Romania begins on Mondays and Thursdays. Courses run during the winter holidays and over the mid-winter break in Poiana Brasov, Romania.

The exact itinerary of this 3 day skiing course in Poiana Brasov varies with the conditions and will be adapted to your children's ability and their progression. But all teaching follows a structured plan to ensure children make the most of their time with BOS.

This is a rough idea of what your children can expect on the kids beginner ski camp in Poiana Brasov:

On the first day we focus on the fundamentals of skiing. This includes how to glide on snow, how to stop and how to turn. The remaining days are spent working on specific skiing skills of rotation, edging and pressure, all to ensure the kids are safe to ski all over the mountain.

The time on snow is spent blending drills and free skiing all aimed at improving children's ability. The goal is to give kids the confidence and technique to enjoy varied terrain and conditions in a safe way.

The lesson start times vary between 9:00 and 13:00. This is so we can teach on a mix of freshly groomed slopes and more cut up conditions which helps children to progress faster.


Kids beginner ski camp in Romania: 3 day skiing course in Poiana Brasov: From €199 to €199 for 3 days

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€199 to €199 3 days
From €199

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