Group snowboard lessons in France: French Alps snowboarding course

Learn to snowboard in France with ESF and enjoy the wonders of the French Alps with a group snowboarding course


Learn to snowboard in France with ESF and enjoy the wonders of the French Alps. A group snowboarding course is the ideal way to learn and improve your snowboarding.

You will join a group with other snowboarders of the same or similar level and take to the slopes of your chosen resort. Group lessons are suitable for all levels and standards.

Learn to snowboard with ESF

An alternative to regular Alpine skiing is the snowboarding discipline. You do not need to be able to ski to snowboard as it uses different techniques.

With esf you will be introduced to this exciting discipline and learn the basics to advanced level, the ways to handle your board from both sides. Turns on both edges and how to navigate safely down the slopes.

Adults can learn to snowboard at any age. At esf, we will give you the confidence to learn and improve in any of the many winter sport disciplines offered by our teams.

Our esf instructors ensure that all participants receive the same attention during group lessons. Group lessons are offered in all disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, off-piste, hiking, Nordic and competition. As a collective, each esf group lesson is different and reinforces everyone’s involvement, in a friendly, relaxed and sporty atmosphere.

How do you improve my technique?

Our team of ESF instructors have the knowledge and experience to teach on any terrain and at any level.

Technique improvement is achieved through practice and making refinements in snowboarding style.

The objective of any adult group snowboard course is to enjoy and have fun first. By learning at your own pace you will be surprised at the progress you will make.

Price Includes

  • Tuition

Price Excludes

  1. Equipment
  2. Lunch

What to expect

Learn to snowboard in France with a group snowboarding course in the magnificent French Alps.

Benefits of Snowboarding:
Snowboarding can be great fun and it takes time to perfect the technique required. With so many people taking to their board nowadays, learn from the best.

Fixed with soft boots to your board, you are ready to go and take on the mountains!

Learn to ride on your edge
Play with your board in powder
Mastering tricks
Go flat for speed
Live thrills and spills
Belong to the tribe to the gang!

ESF offer lessons in this popular discipline throughout our 220 schools across the French mountains and massifs


Group snowboard lessons in France: French Alps snowboarding course: From €33 to €110 for 1 days

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€33 to €110 1 days
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