Grenoble Paragliding Beginner Course in the French Alps

If you're eager to learn paragliding, our paragliding beginner course in Grenoble, the French Alps is waiting for you.

5 days
€600 to 675
Grenoble Paragliding Beginner Course in the French Alps

Want to become a paragliding pilot? This paragliding beginner course in Grenoble, the French Alps is for you!

You’ve experienced a tandem paragliding flight, enjoyed it, and now you want to take lessons! You’re looking for a place that will welcome you for your learning journey without it feeling like a factory. Well, you’re in the right place. Our family-run establishment will listen to your needs. Take the plunge into a beginner paragliding course and sign up by contacting us.

Course Content

The course takes place on the training slope in Lumbin or on the Plateau des Petites Roches in St Hilaire Du Touvet.

We start by getting familiar with the equipment, then move on to the first ground handling exercises.

You’ll learn how to pilot the paraglider by simulating several runs to master techniques like inflation, heading, running, ground turning, etc.

A portion of the time is dedicated to theoretical lessons, either on the training slope or in a classroom.

We’ll cover key elements such as understanding aerology, meteorology, flight mechanics, regulations, flight plans, and getting comfortable in the harness.

If the required technical level is achieved and weather conditions permit, you’ll embark on your first guided flight with radio assistance in calm conditions.

Price Includes

  • Full equipment rental including helmets, harnesses, glider, and radio

Price Excludes

  1. Clothing, shoes, sunglasses
  2. Beverages and snacks

What to expect

Grenoble paragliding beginner course in the French Alps: Itinerary.

We'll meet you at the paragliding landing site in Lumbin at 81 Chemin des Longs Près, 38660, with ample parking. We'll take care of you there.

All enrolled students are welcomed to our office. After introductions, we'll start with administrative tasks, including insurance and licensing. Once that's done, you'll hop on a minibus with our team to the training slope in Saint Hilaire du Touvet. The minibus ride takes about twenty minutes.

At the training slope, you'll receive a briefing, safety instructions, and we'll begin the session.
We'll introduce the equipment and gear, and you'll have your first practice attempts for the day.


Grenoble Paragliding Beginner Course in the French Alps: From €600 to €675 for 5 days

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€600 to €675 5 days
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